July 9, 2021

Rob Lauer Consumer Alert

When most folks read an ad from a big car dealership claiming a used car is “Certified” and comes with a warranty in Las Vegas, one might assume the warranty would cover, say, Air Conditioning. And one would think when your Certified Car’s AC goes out in 115 degree Vegas heat the Super Store dealership would be ready to fix it under the warranty. One would also think the Super Store Dealership would know if the AC was covered by the warranty they sold you when you call.

Not at the Desert 215 Super Store. Clearly in my experience, their Certified Used car warranty doesn’t cover Air Conditioning in Las Vegas. But what’s worse is the maintenance scam they’re running. This week my AC went out. You know how they say don’t leave your dog or kids in the car in the summer. Well even when the car is on it still heats up to around 117 degrees inside. I almost got heat stroke driving a few miles.

But I had a warranty at the Desert 215 Superstore. I thought shabam, they’ll get it fixed. It only takes about an hour to check a car AC’s system on those fancy AC computers to determine what’s wrong. But Desert Super Store Maintenance told me they could not even look at it for a week. Fine, I get it, they’re busy. The warranty could only be used at a Chrysler New Car Dealership. Can I get a rental car? A rental car is only covered if the warranty covers the repair, and only for upto 5 days. Then I asked if my AC system was covered by the warranty they sold me?

THIS IS THE SCAM ALERT PART. They claimed they didn’t know if the AC system was covered by the warranty they sold me.

But after doing some investigative work I found out that, not only was it not covered, but they knew it wasn’t covered. The warranty information is available at their fingertips on their computers. So they lied hoping I would drop off my car for the work. Because if they had told me it wasn’t covered there was no way would I wait on the dealership for one to two weeks to fix my AC.

BTW I got my AC fixed by local private mechanic in about 3 hours.

Before you buy that Certified used car, make sure to check what the warranty covers, and call the dealership maintenance department and see how long they’re taking to just diagnose cars.



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