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Rory McShane’s firm has aligned itself with some of the most powerful and most conservative organizations in D.C., including The House Freedom Action, House Freedom Caucus Chairman Andy Biggs, Congressman Paul Gosar, Gun Owners of America and many Pro Trump candidates. Rory McShane and his client Chuck Gray met privately with President Trump in Bedminster New Jersey to discuss McShane’s client Gray’s campaign against Liz Cheney. Rory McShane is under fire from the Republican establishment.

The Liz Cheney race in Wyoming isn’t the first time McShane’s taken on the establishment. His firm was paid by Bob Good, the now freshman Freedom Caucus Congressman who defeated incumbent moderate Denver Riggleman in Virginia, defeated Montana’s State Senate President in his primary for Secretary of State where their client went on to win both the primary and the general.

McShane has already pulled off big victories in Texas and Virginia in 2021 elections.

Here in Nevada, the McShane firm defeated the Nevada Senate Caucus’s chosen candidate by an 80% to 20% margin in the 2020 primary. McShane’s State Senate candidate focused on conservative issues like the 2nd Amendment and voter integrity, while the establishment candidates in the race poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into milquetoast mailers with RINO State Senator (Mike Roberson Jr.) Keith Pickard’s endorsement. McShane’s client, former Assemblyman Jim Marchant, won his primary in last year beating the hand picked establishment primary candidate.

The Nevada Independent noted McShane’s rise to prominence, saying “McShane LLC quietly expanded its reach in Nevada politics and in races across Trump country. Its CEO, Rory McShane, is a sought-after analyst on Newsmax, lectures with the ultra-conservative Leadership Institute Campaign College, and boasts of 53 campaign victories in 2020 alone while racking up an armload of industry awards. His personal favorite: a trophy for “Best Bare Knuckle Street Fight.”

At the same time, on the other side of the country, McShane’s firm is under fire by the Washington Post, stemming from one of his employee’s text messages with an undercover Democratic activist about a “Stop the Steal” rally.

The Washington Post contacted one of McShane’s clients, Congressman Paul Gosar, Chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus, who fervently defended McShane saying. “Rory McShane is an incredibly effective strategist. It doesn’t surprise me to see people trying to take him down.”

Rory McShane told the Washington Post at the time he was unaware of the text messages and the employee wasn’t working on behalf of any client at the time, but refused to fire the employee.

The Nevada Republican Party is in a full civil war after Pro Trump forces took over the Clark County Republican Party last month from loser Never Trump David Sadjak who recently resigned in disgrace. Pro Trump verses Never Trump forces are battling for control of the party and McShane has sided with Mike McDonald and the Pro Trump forces making him a target for the Democrat News.

The political battle doesn’t seem to have made a dent in McShane’s consulting practice yet, which according to campaign finance reports show he is currently representing clients in 15 states and several candidates in Nevada running for office.


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