Aug, 6, 2021

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald made it official last night. The Republican State Party officially welcomed the Pro-Trump Slate elected on July 28, 2021, including Jesse Law as the new Chairman. Until now the Never Trump Teachers Union Infiltrators claimed they still ran the county party.

But after the Never Trump Teachers Union Infiltrators sought a ruling from Judge Gonzalez tried to exclude Pro Trump folks from the party, the judge agreed that the party is a private organization and can decide who they want and don’t want to let in. This is critical because now that the state party has officially determined who is the Clark County chairman, the pro-tem chair is out with no recourse.

Now there’s a push to ban the Never Trump Teachers Union Infiltrators from the party at the next meeting in September.

Dear fellow Clark County Republican Central Committee Member,

I wanted to share my excitement over the outpouring of support by phone, email, text message
and Facebook posts for the incoming Clark County Republican Party Executive Board! The
number of well-wishers is nothing short of exhilarating!

Last night, on our monthly Executive Board call, the State Party officially welcomed Chairman
Law and congratulated him and the new CCRP Executive Board on their elections. The NVGOP is
looking forward to working with them to help us take back Clark County. We are very
encouraged by the success of their first meeting and are looking forward to seeing great things
from them in the future.

Earlier today, Chairman Law joined me to meet with representatives of the Republican National
Committee and Data Trust, to discuss the importance of using RNC Data as the basis for
precinct planning and voter contact. This also strengthens and improves the data base for even
greater value when we move from the Primaries to the General Election. It is important that all
Nevada Republicans are using the only approved data application for the mid-term elections.

Chairman Law also expressed his eagerness to work with the Trump Organization, the RNC and
the Nevada Republican Party, and to build cooperative relationships with all the Republican
organizations in Clark County so that a coordinated and effective plan for voter registration,
candidate support and voter turn-out can be achieved after too many years of turmoil and
chaos. I believe that Clark County is ready for the positive changes that this new board will
bring. I am proud to be a member of the Clark County Republican Party and thank you for your
willingness to help us rebuild and expand Clark County.

I hope to see all of you at the CCRP Executive Board Meet & Greet on August 13th at the Italian
American Club at 6pm. Tickets are $25.00 and can be purchased at the door. Thank you for your
continued support of the Nevada Republican Party and the Clark County Republican Party!

Michael J. McDonald
Chairman, Nevada Republican Party

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