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June 12, 2016

Over the last six months the Nevada Republican Party has been in a down and dirty civil war over a host of Gov. Sandoval’s policies that the base refuses to support. Issues like a new $1.5 Billion tax increase, Sanctuary Cities, Driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, Common Core and Transgender bathrooms. Gov. Sandoval has raised and spent millions of dollars to destroy fellow Republicans who simply wanted to keep their word to the voters.

Assemblyman Brent Jones ran for office and signed a pledge not to raise taxes. He kept his word in the last session in 2015 even when Gov Sandoval pushed the largest tax increase in Nevada history, after Sandoval campaigned against a similar tax that was rejected by 80% of the voters. Now Gov. Sandoval is spending thousand of dollars attacking Assemblyman Jones and his son Blain Jones who is also running for State Assembly.

Sandoval and his supporters have been playing shuffleboard with millions of dollars moving money between numerous PACs and ally Assemblymen hitting Jones and numerous other Republican challengers. The PACs have been used to distance Sandoval from the lies in the mailers in an attempt to slander and defame those challengers in the eyes Republican primary voters. One recent mailer against Victoria Seaman showed a picture of the Assemblywoman and a picture next to her of a spoon and needs full of heroin. The mailer said since she was endorsed by the Libertarian party she supports legalization of heroin for our kids. Another mailer tried to confuse voters into believing the challengers were indicted.


But Sandoval’s mailers fail to defend his tax increases, his support for transgender bathrooms, his support for driver’s licenses for illegal aliens and common core. all issue Republican base voters reject by wide margins. So instead he is seeking to tear down and defame fellow Republicans character

With just days to go until the June 14, 2016 primary election and thousands of votes cast already in early voting, it appears Sandoval’s attempt to smear his fellow Republicans has failed. Numerous Republican challengers appear to be ahead in the latest internal polls, according to several campaign insiders. But for many others the race has tightened up with a last minute flood of cash from Sandoval allies. Sandoval cannot afford to lose assembly seats to challengers and expect to maintain control over the legislature. Last year Sandoval’s allies controlled the Assembly with only a one vote margin from conservatives. The¬†Republican primary election is still a horse race.

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