June 2, 2018

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Last year, following the Route 91 Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip, Independent Reporter Laura Loomer attended a press conference in early October 2017. It was there that Loomer embarrassed and exposed Lombardo’s original timeline as false. Investigative journalist Loomer uncovered room service receipts with Paddock’s name and room number on it dated Monday, Sept. 25, three days earlier than Thursday, Sept 28th, the day Lombardo claimed Paddock had checked into the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Loomer aggressively questioned Lombardo when he refused to call on her during the press conference on that Monday. Lombardo scolder her, then admitted she was right about the timeline change sparking a huge uproar in the country casting serious doubt on everything Lombardo said the prior week. Lombardo also was forced to admit the timeline involving the security guard Jesus Campus’s contact with Paddock was before not after the attack on the Route 91 concert commenced.

Days later on October 14, 2017, Sheriff Lombardo refused investigative journalist Laura Loomer entry at the press conference. He went as far as to post a police officer in front of the door to block her entry.

360 spoke with LVMPD’s PIO about the incident and they told us that only the event was open to reporters but they refused to defining who was and wasn’t a reporter. So 360 asked LVMPD to define what standards they are using to determine who is and who isn’t a reporter.

360 spoke with Laura today and she wants to sue them. She said she is exploring all her legal options at this time and will shortly announce her course of action.

Keep in mind Laura Loomer was allowed into the Press conference the week earlier back in October. But after she tripped up Lombardo she was no longer considered a “legitimate Reporter” and was blocked from entering the press conference on October 14, 2018.

Laura Loomer has over 100k followers on Twitter, more than all the reporters in Las Vegas combined.

360 News Las Vegas served LVMPD with a FIOA request on April19, 2018 and yesterday they responded officially claiming they would determine on a “case by case basis” who is and is not a reporter based on industry standards.

The U.S. Supreme Court has said repeatedly that governments cannot regulate or license reporters. Laura Loomer is a professional reporter who was paid to travel to Las Vegas and cover the Vegas Mass Shooting. It’s not her hobby. She has real financial damages and as such is entitled to recover those damages.

This incident is a prime example of why government organizations should never have the authority to determine who is and who is not a reporter.

This week Laura broke more stories exposing Lombardo inconsistencies from the Vegas Mass Shooting, including an interview with a taxi cab driver who said Paddock said there would be a terrorist attack in the Mandalay Bay and that he was not alone in the hotel room. That in fact there were three women in the room but their names have been redacted in Metro’s document dump last week.

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