May 10, 2020

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

RINO Republican Assemblyman, Chris Edwards, has been one of the top recipients of big PHARMA money in Nevada since taking office over the last 5 years. Edwards has received the largest donations from numerous major drug maker, vaccine makers and drugs retailers. According to Edward’s April 15, 2020 filed C&E took money from one the largest Pharma groups in the world, Pfizer. As Pharma’s number one Assemblyman, Chris Edwards is under attack by parents groups after supporting forced vaccines.

And according to his previous C&E reports, Edwards has received donations from by PHRMA, Pfizer, Association of Drug Stores, ASTELLAS PHARMA US, INC., Merck and Biogen. Many of these giants are competing to produce vaccines for the corona virus right now. Edwards is also supported by national groups seeking to compel vaccines, even against the will of parents.

IN fact, in April 2019, Edwards voted for AB123, described by parents groups  as “The bill forces children with exemptions to have their federal educational protections waived, so the health department didn’t have to abide by federal rules under FERPA. If the parents wouldn’t sign the paper waiving their child’s privacy rights, they wouldn’t enroll them in school and wanted to deem the child neglected and put them in a state registry. Clark County came in to tell them they couldn’t deem a child neglected without an investigation.” The bill died in the Senate, but Immunize Nevada, the bill’s author, is planning to push forward again next year.

While everyone is for voluntary vaccinations, and believe people should make their own choices, there are groups actively seeking to write laws to force everyone to take vaccines. Chris Edwards has accepted with open arms donations and support from these groups.

Edwards is running for re election and local City Councilwoman Annie Black is charging full speed at him.

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