June 14, 2018

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

After 6 long years of putting up with RINO Assemblyman James Oscarson, Nye County this week finally vomited him out of their system. Yes its a harsh way to put it but Oscarson was a political parasite of the worsted kind. Oscarson won Lincoln and Clark County in Tuesday’s three way primary race and after many nervous hours Nye County voting results gave Brothel owner Dennis Hof the win.

Oscarson promised not to raise taxes in 2014 then screwed over his voters by helping pass the largest tax increase in Nevada’s history, the $1.3 Billion Commerce Tax of 2015. All the rest of the RINO’s from that scourge were dispensed with in the last election or got their reward in the way of government jobs like Paul Anderson ect.

Oscarson was so bad that the Nye County Republican Party actually passed a proclamation calling him out for lying and excommunicated him from the party in 2015.

Oscarson was like the rat in the basement you tried to catch for years but he just always found a way to get away. But this week he ate the cheese and the trap nailed him. Good riddance to one of the worse politicians Nevada ever produced.


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