March 18, 2023

I want to apologize ahead of time for any grammar or spelling errors; after all, I went to public schools.

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Biden stopped over in Nevada this week on his way to California, where he again pushed for a ban on what the Dems call “assault weapons.” Even though the U.S. Supreme Court just issued the most sweeping ruling on guns in New York Gun Club v. New York State. The huge shift in the court’s direction came as a result of Trump appointees.

As a senator, Biden supported the federal “assault weapons” ban, which was enacted in 1994 and expired in 2004. He loves to claim violent crime dropped at the time. But many states at the time, including California, passed strict 3 strikes laws, and Clinton signed into federal law funding for 100K more cops and imposed new harsh sentences for drug dealers, which lowered violent crime by 80% in California and other places. Most of those laws are now gone, ironically removed by Dems and predictably crime is way up everywhere.

Biden lies about assault weapons and crime numbers.

Facts: According to FBI statistics, with an average of 13,657 homicides per year from 2007–2017, about one-tenth of one percent of homicides were produced by mass shootings involving AR-15s. On average, about 450 people were killed by rifles in an average year, and that includes suicides.

On average, more than 1,800 people per year were killed by knives. And more than 600 people per year were killed in fist fights during the same period. 80% of felons in prison were arrested with a handgun, not a rifle. As usual, Dems have emotion and not the facts on their side.

Biden’s push for a new assault weapons ban has hit a Democratic wall with some big surprises. Six Democrat senators, including Cortez Masto of Nevada, are standing against Biden, for now. But Nevada Sen. Jacky Rosen is all in for banning rifles, including AR-15s.

Sen. Cortez Masto just won re-election by the skin of her teeth. Sen. Rosen is up for re-election next year. April Becker and Stephanie Philips are openly flirting with running. Sam Brown is still on the fence.



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