June 3, 2021

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Facebook, a private corporation, with extensive political content and advertising revenue from election campaigns should expect extensive oversight by Nevada’s chief elections regulator, the Nevada Secretary of State’s office. So when 360 News served the NV Secretary of State’s office with a Public Records request for all their emails between the NV SOS and FB and Twitter, we were shocked by what we found.

Today, FB is the #1 place folks get their news. It’s the top platform almost every political campaign advertises on. The NVSOS is the controlling authority responsible for regulating inside political groups, outside political groups and political campaign spending on FB. But in all the emails provided to 360 News for the entire 2020 election year, not once did the NV SOS even inquire about any such activities. Instead, FB and the NVSOS worked in concert to craft and publish content friendly to the NVSOS.

FB offered and NV SOS office accepted $30,000 in advertising credit on FB for the upcoming 2020 fall election for poll workers, according to the email attached herein dated August 21, 2020. The NV SOS today confirmed that they did indeed accepted FB’s $30,000.

FB also coordinated heavily with the NV SOS’s office on messaging and protecting election interrogatory from “Foreign interference.” FB even gave the NV SOS a direct phone line to FB to help identify posts and take them down. FB and the NV SOS’s emails show ongoing coordination in the days and weeks after the Nov. 2020 elections as well.

This may explain why FB shadow bans news articles critical of the SOS’s office. FB was caught by Judicial Watch taking down one such FB post critical of the Iowa Secretary of State, according to Judicial Watch’s Public Records request just last month.

These extremely close ties and coordinated actions with government agencies, including the FBI and local law enforcement, confirm what many folks have suspected for years, that FB is protecting government actors in return for maintaining their monopoly under Federal US Code 230 protection.

Section 230 says that “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider” (47 U.S.C. § 230).

NV Bribery Law

“A bribe is offering or asking another person for money (or something of value). And in exchange, that person would take – or not take – a certain action. Merely offering or soliciting a bribe can be a felony in Nevada.”

FB’s coordination blocking journalists and protecting the NV SOS is just the latest example. Dr. Fauci’s scandal highlights the coordination with government actors and FB in suppressing stories critical that may have been true and may have exposed Fauci’s wrong doing. FB is not just a monopoly in the social media market place. They are the market.

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