June 21, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

We saw several rural counties in 2021 declare Gov. Sisolak’s CV emergency powers null and void. We saw rural counties declare themselves constitutional counties last year. We cannot continue to ignore 15 out of 17 counties’ political will and while violating their civil rights.

Last week, Sheriff Lombardo, Michele Fiore and Jim Marchant can thank Clark County for pushing them over the top in their respective races. In the Republican Primary race for Governor, Lombardo received a total of (so far) 85,568 votes to Joey Gilbert’s 59,425 total votes statewide. Lombardo won by about 26K votes, while getting 28k more votes in Clark County alone. So without Clark County’s 28K votes Lombardo would have lost.

The overwhelming number of State Assembly and state Senate seats are in deep blue Clark County.

Clark County even installs most of our leftist judges. Not one judge would even allow an evidentiary hearing of Sisolak’s CV lock downs and lock downs and edicts, not one.

Nevada’s Rural counties are far more conservative than Clark County’s Democrat powerhouse. That means over the past few years Clark County Dems have imposed their values on the rest of the state. The same is true for California and other deep blue states where Urban centers dominate rural communities.

Dems wasted hundreds of millions on their political pet projects instead of just funding the roads in the rurals. So in the last legislature, Dems passed a tax increase on diesel fuel over the objections of the citizens in the rurals who just voted against such a law.

Rurals need a veto over the legislature. Imagine if every law passed by the Nevada State Legislature could be vetoed by 2/3’s of the counties how different our state would look today. No Gun Red Flag laws, no commerce tax, no transgender and CRT school public funding and School choice ect.

As usual Dems’ talk about inequality is just talk. They relish their power at any cost. Democracy is mob rule without checks. It’s time we stop ruling over Rural Nevadans and start governing willing citizens.



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