Nov. 18, 2020

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

360 News Las Vegas has obtained an affidavit from a Clark County Elections Department (Registered Republican) Employee who describes how the offices were closed in the middle of the election this month. The affidavit was submitted to the Trump Campaign along with a paycheck stub confirming her employment at the agency.

Due to violent threats from Democrats like Antifa, she requested that her name be kept confidential.

The affidavit starts out

“I worked for Clark County Ballot Counting office from October 6 & 7th (Training) to October 29th, 2020, on the PM Shift. My Supervisor was Amanda Garcia and she was assisted by Lupita, Evelyn and Mira”

“our office was the middle stop between Signature verification and Machine Processing for all mail in & drop off ballots.  By the time the ballots got to us they were all ready supposed to be ‘signature cured’.  To the best of my knowledge there were 3 different positions created in our department to make sure all ballots were able & eligible to go through the counting machine.  Neither Signature Verification or the Machine Process was located in our building. The 3 positions were Counting Board, Duplicating and Auditing.”

“One morning, on the week beginning Monday the 26th, Amanda called us all to attention and made this announcement.  She said on Sunday before the election, both shifts would come in at 7:30 and work all day until all the boxes were all counted.  If anything was left unfinished she would designate who would come in Monday morning to finish up.  Otherwise the office would be closed Monday, Nov. 3, Tues. Nov 4 and Wed., Nov 5 and everyone would resume counting ballots on Thursday, Nov. 6th”

“I have no idea where she got that directive.   Even Amanda acknowledged how that was different from the norm.  In her own words she said you usually work all day on Election day until the poles are closed.  No explanation was given.”

Clark County Elections Department Public relations never responded to 360 with an explanation why the offices were closed in the middle of the election.

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