Feb 23, 2024

Local left-wing main stream media are reporting Emerson poll results, with Trump winning in Nevada by 4 points, 46% to 40%, but it’s way worse for Biden than they are reporting. The Nevada Independent has Trump with only a 2-point lead, way outside the average. The average of all the Nevada polls, including the NY Times, shows a HUGE lead of 8.4 points for Trump. Not only is Biden losing in Nevada outside the 3 point margins of error if the election were held today, but he’s losing with Hispanics and women voters. And the poll shows numbers are hardening. In a poll by Emerson back in November 2023, the numbers were the same.

Trump is winning among women voters by 43% to 42%. Trump is winning among Hispanics, 44% to 41%. Are those illegal aliens pouring into our country potential Trump voters? They want jobs, too. And that brings us to other aspects of the poll.

In the poll, voters said the economy was the number one issue (26%), followed by immigration tied with education at 14%. Abortion was not even in the top 5.

According to the poll results:

“Sixty-one percent of voters say President Biden’s age raises serious doubts in their minds about voting for him, while 39% say his age is not a serious consideration for them. Fifty-three percent say former President Trump’s criminal indictments raise doubts in their mind about voting for Trump in 2024, while 47% note it is not a serious consideration.” 

Those numbers break down to party numbers, basically. Now we know why Dems are pushing ahead with the fake indictments. Low-information voters who went to public schools are fooled by the indictments.

The poll showed Trump beating Vice President Kamala Harris 48% to 39% if she were the Democratic nominee. And Trump is slaughtering Newsom 49% to 32%.

Keep in mind that none of these numbers matter. First, the polls reflected “registered voters,” not likely voters, and in the end, its all about the candidates and parties identifying and turning out their voters.

And the wild card, independent,  nonpartisan voters make up more than 700,000 registered voters in Nevada.


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