Feb 25, 2024

Last night, Nikki Haley lost to President Trump 59.8% to 39.5% in her home state of South Carolina. Nikki Haley served as Governor of South Carolina from 2011 until 2017, when Haley resigned to become U.S. ambassador to the United Nations in the administration of Donald Trump. Before that, Nikki served in Congress from South Carolina from 2005 to 2011. The people who knew her the best just voted against her for president by a huge margin. How can this be?

Imagine that instead of Nikki Haley, former Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval was running for president. The main stream media would be ogasing daily over a Hispanic RINO. Sandoval, who served for 8 years as governor, would suffer the same fate against Trump here in Nevada. Harry Reid’s favorite Republican broke every promise he made and single-handedly destroyed the Republican brand in Nevada for the last decade. He created the first ever Nevada corporate income tax, gave drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens, and opposed Trump in 2016 even after he won the nomination.

Nikki Haley’s greatest accomplishment as governor, besides being the first woman, was banning the Confederate flag. Nikki Haley turned full-blown woke Black Rock funded. After serving as governor, one of South Carolina’s largest companies, Boeing, put her on the board. Nikki bragged about becoming a millionaire by following in Hillary Clinton’s footsteps and giving speeches for cash.

Nikki tried desperately to use her gender to win the nomination. Republicans didn’t fall for it. Republicans, unlike Dems, don’t care about candidates’ race or gender. They care about their ideas and proven track records. Republicans don’t let the media choose their nominee either. Her failed ideas and failed leadership in South Carolina are clearly why the people who knew her best as governor just voted by a wide margin for Trump to represent them in the White House.


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