Sept 25, 2023

Shuuu, we have a secret email account where I get the NV Dem’s email blasts. This week, they sent out an email to their sheep, fear-mongering about the Republican U.S. Senate candidates. Wow, was it entertaining. Keep in mind this is what they say to their base in an effort to raise money.

Here’s a breakdown of the EIGHT (!!!) Republican candidates seeking to challenge Senator Jacky Rosen:

  • Sam Brown, Mitch McConnell’s handpicked candidate who wants to ban abortion, supported efforts to overturn the 2020 election, and called the new law lowering prescription drug costs for seniors a “big loss for the American people.”
  • William Conrad, who wants to reverse the progress we’ve made on accessible voting by eliminating mail-in ballots and forcing all votes in person.
  • Tony Grady, an anti-choice election denier who wants to abolish the Department of Education.
  • Jeff Gunter, an ultra-wealthy GOP mega donor and former Trump-appointed ambassador who lists his greatest accomplishments as retweets from Trump.
  • Ronda Kennedy, who failed to win her campaign for Congress in California and has only been in Nevada since late 2022.
  • Barry Lindemann, a real estate development executive who self-funded his losing Senate bid last cycle.
  • Jim Marchant, a prominent election denier who is closely aligned to QAnon conspiracy theorists and campaigning as the Pro-Trump candidate.
  • Stephanie Phillips, an anti-mask and anti-trans candidate who is an avid election denier and wants to institute national voter ID laws.

These MAGA extremists are unfit for office and each and every one of them wants to enact a far-right agenda that would hurt hardworking Nevada families. Unfortunately the latest polls are showing Jacky 2 points behind and the GOP is outraising us.

Jacky is one of the most effective senators at working across the aisle to fight for us – from helping write and pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, to expanding access to affordable health care and fixing Nevada’s doctor shortage. She’s fighting to lower costs for middle class families, defend abortion rights and tackle the climate crisis. We need her in the Senate, plain and simple.


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