May 1, 2024

Poll after poll has Trump leading Biden in Nevada by as much as 8 points. But when you ad in third-party candidate RFK Jr. into the polls, Trump’s lead jumps by 3 to 4 points. It seems like every day we see RFK jr’s campaign qualifying to be on the ballot in another state.

Dem groups are freaking out.

Commie Dems from the NRDC (the Natural Resources Defense Council) wrote an open letter to RFK Jr. begging him to quit because his campaign will throw the race to Trump.

NRDC’s (the Natural Resources Defense Council) hyperbolic open letters states

We have spent our careers fighting to protect the planet and its people. As current and former leadership and board members of the NRDC Action Fund, as well as former colleagues of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., we have one message for him: Honor our planet, drop out.

In nothing more than a vanity candidacy, RFK Jr. has chosen to play the role of election spoiler to the benefit of Donald Trump – the single worst environmental president our country has ever had.

For years, RFK Jr. has been spinning anti-vaccination conspiracy theories, denying science, and putting lives at risk.

Sadly, his dangerous candidacy is only about spreading misinformation and growing his brand. He can’t win.

• Trump’s Embrace: Trump himself rejoiced that RFK Jr.’s candidacy is “great for MAGA,” adding “I love that he is running!” One of Trump’s donors is the single biggest donor to RFK Jr.’s SuperPAC at $20 million.

• Climate Denial: RFK Jr.’s website claims that “Climate change is being used to control us through fear,” which matches Donald Trump’s rhetoric. Both Trump and RFK Jr. oppose the historic climate law that activists fought for and won.

Even RFK Jr’s own family members have sounded the alarm saying, “We denounce his candidacy and believe it to be perilous for our country.”

We must recognize that there is only one real environmental and climate champion in the presidential race — President Joseph R. Biden. He has delivered historic progress on clean air, clean water, and combating climate change. A vote for RFK Jr. is a vote to destroy that progress and put Trump back in the White House.

RFK Jr. hates the current crop of Biden/Obama clan. RFK Jr.’s plan is simply to destroy Biden, rejoin the Democratic Party, and run for president in 2028. He’s playing the long game.

Remember Biden refused RKF Jr. Secret Service protection in an effort to force him to spend money to protect himself from crazies. Its ironic that his father, Robert F. Kennedy, was killed by a CIA Palestinian


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