Jan 28, 2024

Before DeSantis pulled out of the race, Trump was leading in Nevada by 65%, according to Emerson College, even with political whore Chuck Muth writing Trump attack emails..

This week, sore loser Chuck Muth blasted out an angry diatribe about the Nevada GOP and President Trump. Keep in mind that Nikki Haley chose to run in the primary instead of competing in the Nevada caucuses and Muth just lost his gig writing Trump attacked pieces for DeSantis for the last year and now is out of a job.

Chuck Muth cries out

So anyone who endorses Trump between tomorrow and November 4th aren’t “real supporters” and are “pathetic”?  …morons.

Outraged Chuck Muth attacks the NV GOP:

The Nevada GOP presidential caucus has been rigged for Trump from the get-go and is now a foregone conclusion.

Muth takes his toys and goes home, stating:

So I won’t be wasting my time or energy attending the caucus on February 8.

Muth shows off his courage and conviction:

I will be voting in the February 6 primary to keep intact my pristine voting record and will be voting for “None of the Above.” 

With Ron DeSantis out of the race and without Nikki Haley competing in the Nevada Caucuses, Trump will win without any fight.

NVGOP Chairman Michael McDonald, through 360 News Las Vegas, challenged Muth to

“Tell Republicans exactly how did we “rig” the Nevada caucus.”

In order to participate in the Nevada Caucuses, voters must be registered Republicans by January 8, 2024 (no same-day voter registration, meaning no Dems can sneak in and vote), no mail-in ballots, voter ID required (you racists), and same-day results, unlike the Clark County Election Department, which needs five days to count votes. No Dominion voting machines; only secret paper ballots will be used.

Mind you, Muth said this after DeSantis pulled out of the presidential race.

This coming from the self-described The Campaign Doctor, who lost every race in the last ten years. Every campaign Muth touches turns to shit.

Muth was a big defender of the former NV SOS, Barbara Cegavske, who implemented mail-in ballots and allowed illegal aliens to register to vote in Nevada elections.

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