September 15, 2019

Rob Lauer


I openly admit I was not a fan of David Sajdak back in November when he first ran for chairman of the Clark County Republican Party in the special election to replace another failed Party leader, Carl Bunce. I was against him because, as vice chairman, David refused to take any responsibility for the party’s failure to raise money in 2016, failed to open a single campaign office in 2016, and most of all for failing to answer his campaign cell phone on election day to help voters finding their polling locations. There was effectively no Clark County Republican Party in 2016.

But what really turned me off to David was when he tried to publicly attack me for reporting his multiple arrests connected to his whore mongering. He was too stupid to get his arrest record sealed before running for Chairman of the largest Political Party in the State of Nevada in a time when such matters are extremely politically sensitive.

David only won the election after he cheated and changed the rules on the Friday night before the election allowing his supporters who had not attended two consecutive meetings to vote.

But he won the election so I congratulated David and offered to my help. I offered David free office space for the party, free video services for the Party and help fundraising. He never bothered to follow up.

The CCRP website site is a disaster and again when David was offered a far superior website for free he didn’t have the class to say no thank you.

Now, almost eleven months later, David has proven to be extremely divisive, a control freak and politically deaf to the issues of the day. If the Silverton demanded a gun free event at the Clark County Republican Party Meeting, then David should have taken a stand and moved the event. When the Democrats in the State Legislature voted to take our guns, David should have joined the gungrab lawsuit and fight. When some 50,000 illegal aliens were discovered on the voter rolls in Clark County, David should have lead the effort to fight the Democrat dominated Clark County Voter Registrar’s office. When someone vandalized the Republican Office this last week (a total waste of money so far) David refused to go on TV and call out the violent left. But when I called out Liberal Republican Senators like Scott Hammond for voting to raise fuel taxes, he stepped up and fought back publicly defending them.

David is a left over from the Sandoval RINO era supporting Jim Marchant’s opponent in CD4 in violation of his own rules.

At the last meeting, David stood on the stage and declared the “CCRP was not a 1st Amendment Organization” after members complained about his leadership publicly.

David is clearly out of his league. David failed to raise any real money this quarter and has effectively bankrupted the party.

To top it off, David supported efforts to primary President Trump and even retweeted a slur calling the President “The Orange.”

There is effectively no Clark County Republican Party under David’s leadership.

For these reason, I am calling on David Sajdak to step down now and set a new election in 30 days for chairman of the Clark County Republican Party.

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