March 28, 2024

This week, Kayla Alery, a certified lunatic, was charged with open murder and assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly shooting a complete stranger. Alery allegedly murdered Raul Cardoza in a random shooting on Tuesday, according to law enforcement. Th eight time felon was a parole for setting fires, and before that, charged with five Armed robberies in 2018. One look at her, and you can see the circus music playing in her head. People who set fires are generally considered criminally insane.

So here is the rub. We allow criminally mentally ill people to roam our streets, and when, not if, they commit serious crimes, they claim mental illness and get off. If the court finds Alery mentally incompetent, she will be sent to a mental hospital and released after they “heal” her.

This happened to me four years ago. My business was robbed at gunpoint twice in two weeks by the same person. Metro Police did a great job catching him. But soon his defense attorney claimed he was mentally defiant. They always claim this when they have the guy dead to rights. But this time I testified about what a great job he did robbing me. I testified about how well he planned and executed his crimes. The judge rejected his mentally defiant claim. But all he got for two armed robberies was six months of clearing fire roads in Elko.

Here is the policy change we need in Nevada: if you are too mentally ill to stand trial, then you should not be allowed to roam the streets. The sole reason the government is given police powers is to protect Americans’ lives, property and other rights. This week, the system failed to protect murder victim Raul Cardoza. An innocent man who woke up Tuesday morning, went to work and died needlessly at the hands of a lunatic who never should have been on the streets. We have compassion for the wrong people. Our compassion should start with murder victims like Raul Cardoza, not drug-addicted lunatics like Kayla Alery.



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