March 26, 2024

Christmas came early this year. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tapped far left Commie Google Empress Nicole Shanahan to be his VP. She made her fortune the old-fashioned way; she married it, then divorced it. Shannahan was married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin until their divorce in 2023.  San Francisco lefty, Shennahan donated to LA DA Gascon, the guy refusing to prosecute shoplifting gangbangers. Her money and her name will help pull thousands of votes from Democrats across the country, helping Trump.

But wait, there’s more. Nevada’s Secretary of State, George Soros-funded Democrat Francisco Aguilar, is trying to rig the process by rejecting RFK’s 15K signatures he needs to get on the ballot in Nevada.

Now former Democrat, RFK Jr., a powerful and now well-funded lawyer in his own right, is set to sue the Democratic Secretary of State for election interference.

Get your popcorn.

Kennedy campaign ballot access attorney Paul Rossi issued this statement:

“This is the epitome of corruption,”  “After successfully collecting all of the signatures we need in Nevada, the DNC Goon Squad and their lackeys in the Nevada Secretary of State’s office are outright inventing a new requirement for the petition with zero legal basis. The Nevada statute does not require the VP on the petition. The petition does not even have a field for a VP on it. The state confirmed that the petition does not require a VP in writing on Nov. 14. The state approved our petition without a VP on it in writing on Jan. 9.”

“This assault on the democratic rights of millions of Americans in Nevada, and their freedom to vote for an independent candidate, embodies the corruption and depravity that has come to characterize the Democratic Party,” continued Rossi.

“This is the party that rigged the primary election against Bernie Sanders in 2016 and RFK Jr. in 2024. This is the party that canceled its own primary elections in multiple states this year and decreed Biden the winner without a vote. The DNC is spending millions of dollars in a frantic attempt to keep Kennedy off the ballot because they cannot defeat us in a fair election.

Now we know why Biden refused RFK Jr. Secret Service protection. BTW his father RFK was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist for supporting Israel.


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