Oct. 22, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Can you imagine a far-left radical Dem like Francisco Aguilar as Nevada’s Secretary of State controlling the election system for the next 4 to 8 years? That’s game over for the Republican party here. Early voting starts today in Nevada for the most consequential election in a generation. Over 70% of Republicans believe Democrats rigged the 2020 election and have serious questions about the integrity of this coming election. That’s why President Trump, finally after almost a year, endorsed Jim Marchant for Nevada Secretary of State last week at the rally in Miden.

In a special legislative session in August 2020, Dems rigged the elections in Nevada with universal mail-in ballots, which has resulted  in sending out ballots to everyone on their dirty voter rolls, full of dead people, thousands of folks listing vacant lots as their home address, illegal aliens with driver’s licenses, out of state Dems, and homeless shelters. Then they instituted ballot harvesting, allowing Dems to “collect” all these questionable ballots. Then the Clark County Elections department admitted to turning down the signature verification machines so that they literally stopped nothing. Victor Joecks of the RJ signed a bunch of his friends’ ballots and the machine accepted them in 2020.

All of this combined, along with social media blocking news outlets like 360 News on social media from reporting sensitive damaging information. In the month of October 2020, the month before the 2020 general election, 360 News Las Vegas had over 1.6 million views on Facebook alone. We have been forced to rely on our 150K person email list to get around FB. Now we’re lucky to get 10 views on FB. Social media monopolies blocked the Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 election, and local news outlets are in the tank for Dems refusing to report damaging news stories. All of this adds up to a rigged election process without even commenting on the election machines with parts made in China.  

After Jim Marchant won the Republican nomination for Nevada Secretary of State in June 2022, every far left Dem has poured money into former Harry Reid’s political aid, Francisco Aguilar’s campaign. George Soros’ son and daughter are on record sending out checks to numerous Nevada Dems like Sisolak and Aaron Ford, but it’s Aguilar’s race that has everyone on the left so worried.

Jonathon Soros maxed out for Aguilar with a $10K donation. David Rockefeller and his wife also donated to Aguilar, and even former California Democrat Senator Barber Box sent Aguilar money. Yes, Jim has said he believes the voting machines are corruptible, but so did the Department of Homeland Security. Yes, Jim believes the 2020 election was stolen. And frankly, the movie 2000 mules proved it.

So why are Dems so worried about Jim Marchant winning? Why did Aguilar collect over $850k from every leftist Dems in the country? Are they worried about Jim stealing elections?

Because Jim Marchant has pledged to prosecute voter fraud if elected. And that’s game over for them.

Now, Dems are freaking out over the prospects of Jim Marchant winning the race for Nevada’s next Secretary of State. Even the ACLU, a radical Democrat-funded group, filed a lawsuit to block a modest level of transparency in Nye County elections this week. Nye County voted to open up their elections with live cameras of vote counting. The ACLU won a motion this week to shut off the vote count cameras and is still seeking to stop the hand counting of ballots in Nye County to compare the results to the Dominion machines. Why the lawsuits if they have nothing to fear?

Dems claimed voter ID was racist and would suppress black voters. But this week, Georgia, which passed voter ID, is having  historic voter turnout for a midterm election, including record numbers of blacks. The state has seen 573,577 voters cast their ballots. That number includes 519,372 Georgians who voted early in person and 54,205 who returned absentee ballots. One more lie down the drain

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