Protests Vax mandates at St Rose

Sept 26, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Last year, as the vaccine mandates hit Las Vegas, specifically the Raiders, we learned who were the leaders and who the followers in our community. My friend (who wants to be nameless) is a passionate season ticket holder who refused to get a vaccine just to please the lunatic left who seem to be running the Raiders these days. My friend even refused to get a vaccine as her work was trying to force them. We watched in horror as fearful people were manipulated by our governor to take an unproven experimental jab just to keep their jobs. I went into a restaurant where you could take off your masks when sitting at a dining table. But when I sat in the waiting area for my table and took my mask off, they asked me to put it back on. Some how, CV only magically stops at dining tables and not in the waiting area of the same restaurant. I see idiots to this day still wearing masks by themselves while walking down the street or driving in their cars alone. We all know who they’re voting for.

Now that CV has subsided, now is the time to restrain our local idiots from doing this all over again. I encourage Republicans running for state assembly and state Senate to join together to support a Medical Anti-Discrimination Act.

        Doctors & Nurses Protesting Vax mandates at St Rose Hospital

The Medical Anti-Discrimination Act states the following:

  • The government has a duty to regulate businesses in order to protect civil liberties. Vaccine mandates, whether they’re implemented by private companies or governments, go against our core values as Americans. The government has laws to stop discrimination against medically disabled people. In fact, businesses must accommodate them with ramps and other assistance, including elevators that tell blind people what floor they are on and websites that help the deaf. Nevada Dems just passed a bill to protect black people’s hair styles from discrimination in the workplace. (On June 4, 2021, Governor Sisolak signed Senate Bill 327, making Nevada the 13th state to provide protections to Nevadans in employment and schools based on hair texture attributed to African ancestry.) If you feel unsafe going to a restaurant, to a ball game, or anywhere in public even after you have gotten your vaccine, then stay home. But you don’t get to force everyone else to stay home to accommodate your fears. Either we live in a free and open society, or we will live in a medical police state.


  • The bill will outlaw all local governments from discriminating against their employees. We will protect the Clark County School District’s 54,000 employees from vaccine mandates. We will protect your jobs.
  • You shouldn’t need to show your vaccination papers to eat a hamburger inside a restaurant anywhere in America, or go to school, or go to a football game. The Raiders took billions of taxpayer dollars and then took tens of thousands of dollars from fans before banning them from games because I refused to get vaccinated.


  • The bill will restrict the Governor from implementing any such vaccine mandates or mask mandates in the future.


  • In addition, no governor should have the power to limit access to FDA-approved medicines prescribed by your doctor.


  • Protect doctors and nurses who speak out against government medical policies.


  • Parental notification for any vax administered to kids under 18.


  • The state’s chief medical officer must be a licensed doctor in Nevada and be approved by the State Senate.

Join me and let’s protect everyone’s rights. Medical Discrimination has no place in our society.

Contact your state assembly and Senate leaders to ask them to support the The Medical Anti-Discrimination Act

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