Aug 3, 2020

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Trump tweeted out a promise to sue Sisolak and Nevada Democrats in court to block their midnight unconstitutional Special Session bill making Mail-in-Ballot elections and ballot harvesting legal in Nevada. And Trump will have lots of issues to bring to the table.

The bill, AB4, codifies mail-in-ballot elections and ballot harvesting. The bill literally extents election day by 2 weeks after November 3rd in order to count the mail in ballots votes. This provides partisans time to gather more votes to overcome any shortfall, giving the party in power the ability to steal the election.

  1. This Special Session violates the Nevada Constitution. The Nevada Constitution provides for 1 session every other year starting on February 1 of odd years. The Dems pressed last year for even year sessions, but even they acknowledged such as change would require a change to the Nevada Constitution. This 2nd special session to defund cops and conduct mail-in-ballots could have waited 6 months until February 2021 when regular session is scheduled. The first Special session this year addressed the emergency budget gap. This 2nd Special session addresses policy changes like social justice and ballot harvesting. The voters have a right to cast a vote for or against these lawmakers based on their 2019 work before they get to pass more laws. This 2nd special session is a second bite of the apple at making policy not addressing any emergencies.
  2. AB4 literally steals the constitutional powers over elections from the Nevada Secretary of State and gives them to the Governor during an emergency. Under Nevada’s Constitution, the Secretary of State Powers—Responsible for overseeing elections, commercial recordings, securities, and notaries. She is duly elected by the entire state to administer and enforce the election laws of the state. So she has the exclusive powers, not the Governor, to determine if an election should or should not be changed to a mail in ballot election, if allowed by law.
  3. The system, especially in Clark County, lacks protections to insure a fair election. Less than two months ago the state held an exclusive mail-in-ballot primary election. 10,799 folks were disenfranchised; their votes were thrown in the garbage because of signature issues. 18k ballots were mailed to dead people. Over 5k ballots were mailed to out of state addresses. Thousands of registered voters never received their ballots at all.
  4. The current Mail-in-Ballot procedures a threat to public health. In June, voters were forced to wait up to 6 hours in lines at the Clark County Elections Department to turn in their ballots. So much for social distancing.
  5. Mail-in Ballots print the party registration on the outside of the envelopes. This gives partisans an opportunity to steal mail in ballots without ever opening them. Hundreds of folks, including me, never received our ballots in the mail.
  6. The law precludes anyone from inspecting the mail-in-ballots received by the elections department.

Assembly Bill #4

If a state of emergency or declaration of disaster is
proclaimed by the Governor or by resolution of the Legislature pursuant to
NRS 414.070 for the entire State of Nevada after the applicable date set
forth in subsection 1 for an election, the Governor may order that the
election is deemed to be an affected election that is subject to the
provisions of sections to inclusive, of this act if the Governor finds that
 a) The health, safety and welfare of voters and elections
personnel or the security and integrity of the election may be
adversely affected by the emergency or disaster;

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