Sept.1, 2021

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

This morning, Nevada (R) Candidate for Governor, Joey Gilbert, slammed North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee and (R) Candidate for Governor for sending out a fundraising social media blast citing the disaster in Afghanistan.

Joey Gilbert wrote:

JOHN LEE, — it’s over. Same with Lombardo, both of you are corrupted, both morally and spiritually
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You know, I face some criticism because I say things like “scumbag” or call Sisolak corrupt, —or call career politicians “dirtbags”, but I will stand my ground because as they say, Democrats never let a good crisis go unused..
Looks like I was proven right & John Lee you blew this one bud.
Thank you for showing all of us your true colors, —& while you might be be “moonlighting” as Republican RIGHT NOW, you’re nothing, but a typical career politician, FUNDRAISING OFF THE BACKS OF ABANDONED AMERICANS, ALLIES & ANIMALS, —who were left behind by an administration you supported & you’re responsible for getting into office!!
No matter what you are doing now, you never spoke up the entire time Obama was in office destroying our country OR THROUGH THIS ENTIRE “Plandemic” —you’re a JOKE, & it’s over for you, —you just don’t know yet, both you & Lombardo are FAKE & talk out both sides of your mouth.
You make your little Memes of Sisolak in a mask, —& Lombardo’s calls him a socialist & “talks tough”, but we had a protest in Las Vegas this Sunday, where were you? You both should’ve been out there, but nah, that would require action, not emails & advertisements.
Much love to METRO’S FINEST who were there to protect us 🙏🏼🇺🇸❤️
Me, I’m nobody perfect & we all make mistakes; I had a prohibited substance in my system after a boxing fight & served 14 months of a suspension, & YES, I was at the Capital on January 6, protesting for our FREEDOMS, but obviously I didn’t go inside —because I was there to speak against this MEDICAL TYRANNY & against these unconstitutional mandates of our corrupt Governor. I was fighting for Nevadans & our CHILDREN to be back in school & sports.
Outside of that, you guys got nothing on me, —so bring it!!
This was a reprehensible fundraising attempt —off the backs of our own citizens, allies & the afghans that fought beside us who are stranded in Afghanistan, & at this very moment being hunted down & slaughtered!
You should drop out now because at the end of the day, you & sloppy Joe have no chance. CLARK COUNTY SEES YOU!!

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