Oct 16, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

On the heels of a historic and the possibly the most consequential state election in a generation, Joe Gilbert is endorsing his former Gubernatorial rival, Sheriff Joe Lombardo for Governor. Joey sued after his election loss in court and now has decided to stop fighting Lombardo and start fighting Sisolak again. Joey Gilbert, a first-time candidate for office, attracted enormous support from the party, coming in second, beating out former U.S. Senator Dean Heller, North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee, and tech millionaire, Guy Norah in what really turned out to be a two-man race to the finish. But Lombardo’s eight years as Sheriff and the Republican political power players’ $3 million defeated Gilbert in the primary.

Gilbert sued, claiming the election machines were corrupted. Gilbert a trial lawyer fought Gov. Sisolak in court since the very beginning of the pandemic and actually defeated Sisolak’s church closures in Federal Court, with Sigal Chattah, days before Christmas 2019. Gilbert filed more than four lawsuits against Sisolak for violating Nevadans’ civil rights during the pandemic. Gilbert made his public announcement this week endorsing Lombardo, and it seems most of his followers are OK with it.

One of Joey’s Facebook followers wrote

Yes Joey. Wish it was you but, I’m glad you did this. You are the bigger guy for doing it! Now let’s pray Sisolak is out.

I didn’t see one person say anything negative about Joey’s endorsement. While there are a few bitter clingers most people now fear a second Sisolak term more than they fear first a term Lombardo.

Joey Gilbert Announces Support for ALL Nevada Republican candidates:
RENO, NV – Today, attorney, entrepreneur, former 3 x National Collegiate and professional boxing champion, — Joey Gilbert released the following statement supporting all Nevada Republicans running for office this November:
“When I decided to run for governor, it was because Nevada needed a fighter. Nevadans needed someone who would fight for our kids, fight for our families, fight for election integrity, our medical freedom and privacy, — and fight for our God-given rights,” said Joey Gilbert. “While I am continuing to fight every single day for the people of Nevada as an attorney, father and leader, — it’s time we come together and fight to get Steve Sisolak out of office.”
“Steve Sisolak locked down our state, closed churches, masked our kids and inexcusably kept them out of school and sports for half of his term in office. He closed nearly 55,000+ small businesses that never re-opened while giving special treatment to those people and businesses that contributed to his campaign. Nevada cannot survive another four years of Steve Sisolak’s tyranny. We need someone who will put Nevada’s workers, families and the right’s of parents first in Carson City, and send Nevada’s most unethical and incompetent governor packing.
“While Sheriff Lombardo and I don’t agree on everything, — he’s better than Steve Sisolak. Sheriff Lombardo is committed to ending the violence, listening to parents and bringing excellence to our schools, restoring order from Sisolak’s soft-on-crime policies, and building a stronger and better economy in our State.
“Nevada, our fight continues, and it starts with making sure that Steve Sisolak, the most corrupt governor in the history of Nevada, is out of office. It is time to clean up our government and end four years of corruption and pay-to-play politics,” Gilbert concluded. “I’m urging everyone that has supported me to turn out to and VOTE RED,— DOWN THE ENTIRE TICKET, for all our amazing candidates, who love our country and will put Nevada and America, —FIRST.
“Joey was a champion as a boxer and is a tireless advocate for what he believes in. He ran a passionate, hard-fought campaign, and I appreciate his willingness to speak up,” said Sheriff Joe Lombardo. “Joey is right that our fight now is to remove Steve Sisolak and his destructive policies. Most Nevada voters won’t agree on everything, but we can all agree that another four years of corruption, pay-to-play, soft-on-crime policies, and governmental incompetence is unacceptable. Together, we can take our State back.”

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