November 29, 2017

Even though the FBI said on the first day, following the Vegas Mass shooting, that the attack was not tied to radical Islamic terrorism, speculation that Paddock was radicalized keeps coming up. Isis claimed Paddock converted to Islam six months prior to the attacks. Vegas Mass shooting suspect Stephen Paddock visited regions in the Middle East where ISIS groups have a presence during a series of cruises six months prior to the mass shooting, according to police sources. Paddock also took at least 11 other cruises to other destinations over the last several years, the AP reported.

Isis took credit four times for the Vegas Mass shooting. Isis has never taken credit for an attack in the past that they didn’t contribute to in some way. Isis issued a warning in May 2017 that they were going to attack Vegas.

Paddock’s girlfriend was from the Philippines, which is in the middle of a bloody civil war between government forces and ISIS insurgents. In June 2017, a man claiming to be inspired by ISIS attacked a large casino in the Philippines with an assault rifle and lit fires killing 32 people.

We are not concluding there are any connections between the two attacks or that ISIS is involved, but there are certainly eerie similarities that cannot be ignored.

  • Both attacks took place in a Casino.
  • Both Attackers had no known connection to ISIS before the attacks.
  • Both Attackers were known heavy gamblers.
  • Both Attackers were in finance.
  • Both Attackers were armed with assault rifles.
  • Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, is Pilipino and was in the Philippines at the time of Paddock’s attack.

Steve Wynn said in an interview on FOX NEWS that Paddock and his girlfriend were frequent guests at the Wynn and that neither drank any alcohol ever. Even though they had free dinners and other perks available to them, Wynn found it strange that they never had a drink.

Isis also has a history of attacking concerts with assault weapons. Isis claimed responsibility for attacks killing scores at concerts goers in both France and Westminster, England over the past year. So the Vegas Mass shooting certainly fits their pattern of attacks or MO.

Sheriff Lombardo has refused to do any more news pressers after October and instead has selectively given information to friendly reporters who won’t ask tough follow up questions.

Almost two months after the Vegas Mass Shooting Lombardo told a reporter that Paddock’s hard drive is missing. Lombardo then told another friendly reporter that one of his officers fired their weapon maybe multiple times in Paddock’s room. Lombardo just told another reporter that the shooter in the Mandalay Bay, fired over 1,100 rounds causing many, including outside Police Detectives, to question how one shooter could do that even with a bump stock.

The more information that Lombardo leaks out months after the mass shooting, the more questions people have about his truthfulness and competency.

The fact is that almost everything the Police and FBI told the public the first week following the Vegas Mass shooting has now been proven false, from the Security Guard’s timelines, to the missing computer hard drives, whether any Metro Police Officers shot their weapons, to the day Paddock checked in to the room and whether he was alone in the room.

To date, Lombardo keeps saying he is searching for a motive for the shooting, but there is an obvious motive that has been staring us all in the face from the very beginning. And yet the FBI and police keep demanding the obvious motive is not the motive, but they have no motive yet.

Politics and covering the MGM’s legal ass and not the facts seems to be driving the official story or lack of a motive. 58 people were killed and their families deserve the truth. It certainly seems, from a logical perspective, that the only plausible motive for the Vegas Shooting currently, with all the known facts, is that it was an Isis inspired and directed attack and not a random senior citizen with no criminal record just losing it one day.

I am not claiming that the motive was radical Islamic terrorism, all the facts are doing that for us.

I have zero financial or political interest in the outcome of this case. I only want the truth. Period!

Rob Lauer

Political Reporter


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