Press Release:

Las Vegas, Nevada
November 29, 2017

Re: Urgent, Important! For Immediate Release and Request for Help
USA v. Cliven Bundy Et Al (Update and Request for Additional Help)

It is wonderful. We have won the release of Ammon Bundy (and Cliven and Ryan Payne). The joint defense team has worked wonderfully, and while we don’t have time to tell you all the details, wanted you to be the first to know because of your prior support. Your support has contributed directly to this amazing news. Please stay tuned for more updates. MUCH MUCH needs to be done, so please also considering additional support so we can CONTINUE these victories.

Please remember Ammon’s defense team is the only defense team in the current trial that needs your financial support. Whipple, Weksler, Norwood, Fletcher, and Hill are all being paid by the government. Morgan and Rick are relying 100% on donated funds and support. So, we are still raising funds for Ammon’s Defense team. It is difficult for the outsider to imagine the financial resources being used against the Bundy Family and these other Defendants – the United States is spending millions of dollars to prosecute these men.

If you can’t donate again, please consider encouraging a friend, or spreading the word on social media. If you can, please consider donating again, an amount similar to what you’ve donated before. Your help has enabled us to get this far, and our work is essential and instrumental to what is happening. Some of you who have followed this topic since we secured the acquittals in Oregon, have noticed – for the first time here in Nevada, the defense is gaining ground. Please help us continue that, by continuing to support our efforts with donations. Make a donation now, while you’re thinking about it. .

Sincerely, Team*

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