Gov. Ron DeSantis Campaigning in Las Vegas This Week

Gov. Ron DeSantis Campaigning in Las Vegas This Week

March 6, 2023

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

This Saturday, March 11, 2023, at 3:30 PM, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will be in Las Vegas speaking to Republican primary voters. DeSantis successfully navigated the CV pandemic while not imposing tyrannical, arbitrary rules on Florida. DeSantis won reelection with a 59.3% of Floridians supporting him while Sisolak was defeat.

360 News published this comparison between Florida and Nevada on April 7, 2021:

According to the worldometer, Nevada currently has 1,720 deaths per million, while Florida has 1,574 deaths per million. Even Texas is doing better than Nevada, with 1,691 deaths per million. While Nevada Governor Sisolak has kept Nevada locked down and just recently began slowing opening businesses more, Florida has been wide open since September, including their schools. Clark County schools are just starting this week to allow some students to slowly return to classroom instruction.

Serious people are questioning whether lock-downs have worked at slowing the spread, caused the CV19 infection rate to be worse, or did nothing to stop the spread.

The facts, one year in, show that there is zero difference between states with lock-downs and those without. California, with 1,516 deaths per million, where they are still locked down, has the same numbers as wide open Florida.

The worst states in the country are New Jersey with 2,781 deaths per million and New York with 2,624 deaths per million, both states with some of the toughest lock-down rules in the country.

Many Republicans feel they are being forced to choose between DeSantis and President Trump. But DeSantis may be running to help Trump. His presence in the race will divide support for any other Republican challenger to Trump. DeSantis and Trump fighting it out actually helps Trump by sucking the political and media oxygen from any other challengers. And in the end, DeSantis will be tapped to be VP on the Trump ticket. If Trump wins, great, but if Trump loses, DeDantis inherits Trump’s movement and voters for 2028.


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