Feb. 7, 2023

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Gov. Lombardo just made Dems wet their pants. Lombardo just signed Executive Order 2023-005, which directs the Division of Internal Audits in the Governor’s Finance Office to review Nevada’s 17 public school districts and the Nevada State Public Charter School Authority.

Many Republicans we critical of the Governor’s plan to dump $2 Billion more into the black hole of government education in Nevada.

Executive Order 2023-005 calls for the superintendent of each school district and the executive director of the State Public Charter School Authority to submit external, third-party audits to the Governor’s Finance Office by March 1, 2023.

 The audit shall be provided:

(a) External independent financial or single audits
(b) Program or performance audits, including but not limited to: English language learners, students with disabilities, underperforming schools, and extra-curricular activities
(c) Nevada Department of Education compliance audits, including the State Grant Financial Monitoring Report and Pupil Count audits
(d) State of Nevada Medicaid Administrative Claiming audits
(e) Federal agency audits, or site visit monitoring reports
(f) Civil rights compliance audits
(g) Public Employees Retirement System audits
(h) Worker’s Compensation audits
(i) Employee Benefit Program audits
(j) Internal Revenue Service audits
(k) Any reports prepared for Department of Health and Human Services and/or local health authorities
(l) Nevada Department of Agriculture, Administrative Review of Food Operations
(m) Any reports to the Commission on Local Government Finance required by NRS 387.3045
(n) Quarterly Publication of School District Expenditures required by NRS 387.320

After the external audits are submitted, the Division of Internal Audits in the Governor’s Finance Office will prepare a report that summarizes the findings of its audit review, identifies any deficiencies, and provides recommendations to remedy the identified deficiencies. The report will be submitted to Governor Lombardo by December 29, 2023.

Executive Order 2023-005 follows Governor Lombardo’s State of the State address, where he called for increased transparency and accountability within Nevada’s education system, and the release of, a state website created to inform the public how federal relief dollars are spent by school districts and charter schools across Nevada.


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