February 8, 2023

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

If just one Republican in the Nevada State Legislature flips on this kind of bill, Dems will have a veto proof majority to pass crazy laws like this. Many folks like me left California to get away from the leftist lunatics and start businesses in libertarian-leaning Nevada. Its not just rhetoric, Dems really want to turn us into California. Just check out this bill Dems are purposing. It literally turns over our car emissions laws to California.

Committee on Natural Resources BDR 40230 also known as SB49 text

AN ACT relating to air pollution; authorizing the State Environmental Commission to adopt standards and other requirements for the control of emissions from new motor vehicles and new motor vehicle engines that are identical to the standards and requirements adopted by the State of California; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.

It gets worse. The Dems gave the bureaucrats way more power,

The Commission may impose an administrative fine, not to 15
exceed $10,000 per day and $25,000 per vehicle, for a violation of 16
any provision of this section and any regulation or order adopted 17
or issued pursuant thereto

California is trying to ban all gas cars and trucks within the next 15 years and force everyone to buy electric cars with lithium batteries controlled by China. Cali banned older diesel trucks 2 years ago, creating an economic disaster in the supply chain that we are still recovering from. Dems are selling us out to the Chinese who are the number winner of this policy. If you think I’m exaggerating, then read this:

I wrote this back on September 22, 2022

Nevada Governor (D) Steve Sisolak, is supporting a Canadian company’s, Lithium Americas, plan to build one of the world’s largest lithium mines at Thacker Pass, Nevada. Thacker Pass is situated at the southern end of the McDermitt Caldera, near Winnemucca, in Humboldt County.

The company claims the mine has a 46-year life expectancy with over 3.1 million tons of proven mineral deposits. Lithium is creating the 21st century gold rush right there in Nevada. Lithium is used to make batteries for electric cars, cell phones, and solar roof panels. Lithium America expects to mine and refine right here in Nevada a third of the world’s lithium. In September, Sisolak approved $8.5 million in Nevada tax dollars to help Lithium Americas. There’s just one problem.

The company’s largest shareholders are Chinese Communist Party members, prompting concern that the project could ultimately benefit America’s top adversary. Lithium Americas’s largest shareholder is Chinese mineral giant Ganfeng, which holds a seat on Lithium Americas’s board, according to Lithium Americas’s most recent annual reports. In 2017, Ganfeng invested $174 million in Lithium Americas.



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