Feb 20, 2024

Today in Nevada, elections are controlled by a Soros-funded Dem Secretary of State, a 100% Dem-controlled Clark County Elections Department (Harry Reid’s Political Machine), Dem judges, and a Dem Attorney General who criminally charged Nevada Republican leaders who dared question 2020 election results. The same Dem judges refused to allow any investigation after the Republican Party found, in 2020, 19K votes from folks who lived outside of Nevada and 15K votes from folks registered to vacant commercial lots.

360 News was the first in the state to report yesterday’s “computer glitch” (Dems are calling it). A glitch that seemed only converted no votes into mail-in ballot votes. The glitch indicated that voters mailed in their ballots when thousands of folks did not. Those Republicans voted in the Caucasus instead or in person. And now we’re supposed to just believe it’s nothing serious. We’re just supposed to trust Dems to “fix” the computer glitch.

It’s time for real change in Nevada. It’s time for real election transparency. It’s time for a bipartisan election oversight commission with teeth. At the federal level, the Federal Election Commission, made up of both Republicans and Democrats, has oversight authority. It’s time for Nevada, which has been rated one of the most corrupt states in the country for years, to change.

Nevada Republicans have a crisis of confidence in the election system. When Dem judges refuse transparency when well-intentioned folks challenge election results, and one party controls all the levers of power, the only real answer is change.

Call your Assembly and Senate leaders and tell them you want a bipartisan election oversight commission with teeth.

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