June 27, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Following last week’s Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling, many states having trigger laws officially outlawed abortion. Our neighbor Utah has such a trigger law that went into effect last week. Texas outlawed abortion when there is a heart beat detected. Reno Planned Parenthood wants Nevada to become a hub for women to fly into have an abortion to avoid their local state laws. So Reno Planned Parenthood is building a industrial sized abortion facility next to the Reno airport including building a hotel. Local Pro Life supports nicked named it the Abortion Death Star.

Planned Parenthood receives over $500 millions of tax dollars annually.

Lindsey Harmon, executive director of Planned Parenthood Votes Nevada said

“Health centers in Nevada are expected to see an influx of patients coming in from out of state where abortions will be banned either immediately or in the coming days”

Daela Gibson, public affairs director Planned Parenthood Mar Monte said:

“Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, which operates in parts of Nevada and California, already has a new facility planned in Reno. The facility will break ground in August”

Gov. Steve Sisolak signed a bill passed by exclusively by Democrat law makers that protect sex traffickers, literally. The law, SB179, repeals the requirements of a physician to certify in writing that the patient gave their consent freely without coercion and age verification and shields witnesses from testifying about these nearly state-sanctioned, dangerous black-market abortions.

What we are left with is a reform law that is advantageous to sex traffickers operating in our state, unequivocally leaving child sex-abuse victims without any certainty of reporting or rescue all while placating basic medical safety standards by simply looking away.

Now sex traffickers can force their child-victims to lie about their age if the physician even bothers to ask. Or they can skip medical qualifications all together and give abortion medications without the advice of a physician or an understanding of risks. Traffickers can perform abortions themselves or hire black-market abortionists without criminality. Children can be given abortions with no guaranteed inquiry, reporting and without fundamental safety protections while witnesses cannot be compelled to testify.

Utah State Legislature passed a trigger law  just became law banning abortion except for specific circumstances such as rape, incest, risk to a mother’s life or the diagnosis of a serious “malformation or defect” for the fetus.

Republican Candidate for CD4 Sam Peters told 360 News he fully supports passing a federal parental notification requirement to transport minors across state lines for medical procedures including for abortions in places like Reno.





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