DEC 17, 2021

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

In 2014, 7 years ago, the RINO’s, led by Brian Sandoval and Michael Roberson, helped lead the party to overwhelming victory with the full support of Nevada base Republican voters. They ran on a platform of no new taxes and smaller government. The Republicans swept every major office and took both houses of the Legislature. And literally within days Sandoval and Roberson stuck a knife in our backs collectively and announced the largest tax increase in Nevada’s history, the Commerce Tax. They then gave driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

Open Civil War broke out within the Nevada Republican Party that has continued for the last 7 years. The RINO’s skillfully placed blockers in Clark and Washoe County Republican Parties to stop base voters from organizing. County Party Chairmen like Dave Sadjak and recently Ed Gonzales and Carrie Buck did little to nothing to help Real Republicans get elected. But this time things would be quite different.

Long time NVGOP Chairman Michael McDonald, who tried his hardest for years to work with the RINO’s and the base, became their prime target this year in their efforts to take over the party and finish off any Pro Trump elements. But The RINOs overplayed their hand this year when they tried to block Jesse Law and base Republicans from voting for new CCRP leadership in July, then called out the police to shut down the election before Jesse could win. They overplayed their hand when Carrie Buck and the RINO’s attempted to slander base Republicans in the Review Journal by labeling them “Vile Creatures” and “Proud Boys” who, BTW are led by an anti-Communist black Cuban. They overplayed their hand when they elected Carrie Buck the Chair of the Fake CCRP in a zoom meeting consisting of 25 people. They overplayed their hand when they sued in court, lost and ignored the court ruling. They overplayed their hand when Carrie Buck ignored the NVGOP and the RNC official declarations that Jesse Law is the Chairman of the CCRP.

Carrie Buck and her RINO platoon, continue to hold their own meetings and stay away from the Real CCRP events. And I can tell you that the CCRP events this year, since Jesse Law took over, have been the most energized, positive and motivating events I’ve been to in many years. I used to dread going to CCRP meetings. They were long, boring and full of stupid endless conflicts. I usually just drank in the back of the room at the bar.

The CCRP Christmas party and the previous events this year, have grown soo large that RINO elected officials could not ignore the Real CCRP anymore. (Without naming names) Many RINO elected officials were on hand making nice.

The clear difference this year was President Trump. His open support and endorsement of Michael McDonald and Jesse Law pushed them over the top. Trump base voters across Nevada are still highly motivated and agitated by the RINO’s attacks and the election steal by Cegasvke. And McDonald and Law’s willingness to take her on and call her out drew lines in the sand that are yet to be settled in the coming midterm elections next year.

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