Nov 12, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

As we watch the Nevada election results roll in, we are certainly relieved Sisolak is history, and we all hope Laxalt pulls it off, but the one race we all needed to win was the Nevada SOS race. Back on Sept. 22, 202, I, along with many Republicans, condemned Chuck “YOU” Muth for once again screwing Republicans by endorsing the IAP candidate, Jenine Hansen, for NV SOS over the rock-solid conservative Jim Marchant. The IAPs and Libertarians have helped elect more Dems in Nevada than Harry Reid.

Muth wrote in his blog at the time:

“That said, after three decades in this biz – I didn’t exactly fall off the turnip truck last night – I’m fully aware that the LP and IAP candidates in the general election can siphon votes from the GOP candidate in any given race – enough votes to throw the race to the Democrats.”

Muth has publicly criticized Jim Marchant for attacking Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske over the years. No matter what Cegavske does, Muth defends her. Even when Trump sued Cegavske, Muth defended her. When she helped Dems with mail-in ballots, Muth defended her. When Cegavske purposely left an unqualified libertarian candidate on the ballot for Nevada Attorney General, and was sued over the error, Muth defended her.

Muth, the self declared smartest man in Nevada politics, who actually runs a clown college for candidates, did not truly believe Jenine Hansen was going to win the SOS race simply with his endorsement. We rightfully condemned him at the Clark County Republican Meeting for his heinous self-serving behavior.

And, as predicted, Jim Marchant is currently losing by approximately 5,500 votes, while IAP Jenine Hansen has approximately 16k votes, of which approximately 60% would have gone to Jim.

This is why our party keeps slipping to the bottom. Now we face a certain future of more biased election laws in favor of Dems. Chuck Muth and Jenine Hansen have helped elect a Harry Reid Dem supported by Soros and Bill Gates money.

And on top of Muth’s screw job, our own party failed to give any real money to Marchant’s campaign. Trump waited until last month to finally endorse Marchant.

All the things we could have fixed in Nevada just slipped away thanks to Chuck “YOU” Muth



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