August 15, 2019

New Firm to Help American Companies Tell Their Unique Stories

Las Vegas – Emmy nominated actor, director and producer John Ratzenberger and veteran political strategist and public affairs consultant Ryan Erwin announced today the launch of their new advertising firm, “American Made Advertising.” The new firm will help American companies better connect with consumers by combining storytelling with cutting edge data and technology.

American Made Advertising is unique because it brings the best of corporate advertising and creativity together with the cutting-edge technology, data and targeting of campaign politics.

“I’ve spent a lot of time with employers and workers in nearly every industry. We all know that the advertising landscape has changed dramatically since the age of Mad Men – and American businesses have to change with it in order to compete and truly connect with their customers,” said Ratzenberger, co-founder of American Made Advertising. “I’ve talked with hundreds of business leaders about how companies continuously change their products.  They invest in technology, training, and people but many are not adapting their advertising strategies. Non-profits and political campaigns are using data and targeting to constantly improve the return on investment and I wanted to bring it all together to help American companies better connect with potential customers, and that’s why Ryan and I are launching American Made Advertising.”

“Successful political campaigns, public affairs efforts, and traditional advertising are all focused on the same goal: connecting with people to increase market share,” said Erwin, co-founder of American Made Advertising. “It is about understanding that limited resources must deliver a disproportionate return on investment.  It is about building a relationship with consumers. We help our clients build relationships of trust and respect that leads to a mutually beneficial outcome for companies and their consumers. That’s what I’ve spent my career doing and that’s what American Made Advertising does for our clients.”

“Not every company can afford a Madison Avenue advertising firm, but every company needs to tell their story, and that’s where we come in,” Ratzenberger concluded.

American Made Advertising has offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and Austin, Texas. Erwin will remain President and CEO of his Las Vegas political consulting firm, Redrock Strategies.

About American Made Co-Founder John Ratzenberger

During more than three decades of movie making and theater, John Ratzenberger has enjoyed success as a screenwriter, director, producer and multi Emmy-nominated actor.  He is also an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Since climbing off the bar stool at Cheers, John has immersed himself in what makes America great, a country in which a truck driver’s son wound up being a TV icon. He wrote the book: We’ve Got it Made in America, A Common Man’s Salute to an Uncommon Country, a collection of essays from his five years on the road visiting factory towns throughout the country on the Travel Channel show “John Ratzenberger’s Made in America.”

John is Hollywood’s most outspoken advocate for American manufacturing, skilled labor and the companies that are the foundation of our great country, working tirelessly to shine a light on the importance of manufacturing and trades. He addressed the Congressional Manufacturing Caucus with his oft-quoted speech “The Industrial Tsunami Heading Our Way”; the House Small Business Committee on the “New Faces of Manufacturing” and the Senate Commerce Committee about “Saving American Manufacturing” – all three speeches detailed the crushing regulations on American enterprise and the fact that we are running out of skilled tradesman to fill the hundreds of thousands of available skilled trades jobs in America. To combat this issue, he works with legislators on both sides of the aisle to bring back trades training in schools, build apprentice programs for returning veterans and support the re-shoring of American companies.

John created “Nuts Bolts and Thingamajigs”, a foundation that creates and funds manufacturing summer camps and scholarships nationwide – inspiring the next generation of inventors and entrepreneurs. The program took off and John eventually handed it over to the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association to run it.

In October 2017, John was appointed to the President’s Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion whose mission is to identify strategies and proposals to promote apprenticeships, especially in sectors where apprenticeship programs are insufficient.

He speaks to groups across the country about eliminating the stigma around the trades while providing much-needed training opportunities for students, returning veterans and out of work Americans.

John is an avid sailor, shooter, fisherman, and billiard player.  He plays the drums and belongs to a bagpipe band as part of the Emerald Society. John and his wife Julie split their time between Connecticut and Rancho Mirage, CA.

About American Made Co-Founder Ryan Erwin

Ryan Erwin is Founder and President of Red Rock Strategies and Co-Founder of American Made Advertising.

Erwin is a nationally respected and trusted campaign, message, crisis management, and tactical strategist.  He has earned a reputation for understanding the difference between success and failure, helping clients develop and execute strategic plans against difficult odds.

Successful public affairs, issue advocacy, corporate advertising, and political campaigns have become a hallmark of Erwin’s work. He regularly teaches at campaign seminars and forums across the country to help up-and-coming leaders to develop fundraising, media, and targeting strategies to increase vote and market-share.

Victories in campaign politics, as well as innovative work with top companies in healthcare, energy, transportation, insurance and technology have made Ryan Erwin one of the most sought-after strategists in the country.

Coshocton, Ohio native – and proud Buckeye – Ryan and his wife Brandi live in Las Vegas with their two children and two rescue dogs.

Career Highlights:

  • Strategic, creative, or project lead for more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies
  • Strategy lead for Marsy’s Law, a national effort dedicated to equal rights for victims of crime
  • Strategic or creative lead on nearly twenty successful statewide ballot initiatives
  • Executive Director California Republican Party
  • Executive Director Nevada Republican Party
  • Senior Advisor to Mitt Romney



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