Nov. 2, 2020

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

The local Dem News had “political experts” on TV today telling the audience to expect a Red Wave Election tomorrow night, but also expect to see that victory slowly eroded by mail-in-ballots over the course of the week. That’s code for how they plan to steal the election right in front of our eyes.

The fake polls showing Biden ahead is meant to give Dems cover when they claim victory in a week.

But it won’t work, President Trump will throw the election into the Supreme Court. And if that doesn’t work he can force a vote in the House of Representatives where he also wins. In the House of Representatives, they vote in blocks by state and Republicans have more blocks.

Make no mistake about it, this is the most danger our Republic has been in since the civil war. With neither side willing to accept defeat or willing to accept election results or willing to be governed by the other side, there’s a real threat of lethal division in our country.

States like California, Nevada, Colorado and Oregon may try to outright resist a Trump Victory. Antifa and BLM will take to the streets and burn cities. The Dem media will declare President Trump illegitimate. The deep state players in the Federal government will side with the deep state against Pres. Trump.

The other part of this chaos rests on House and Senate results. If Republicans lose the Senate and the House then expect another effort to impeach Pres. Trump right away.

CV19 isn’t going away any time soon. Dems are not going to give up this new found power to control their populations. More lock downs are certainly coming.

The election is only the beginning of the next chapter of this historic drama playing out in front of our eyes. The election is either the beginning of the end of our Republic or the beginning of the end of the Democrat Party in America.


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