August 31, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Sigal Chattah, the Republican nominee for Nevada Attorney General, filed a lawsuit last week in Carson City District Court against Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske for refusing to remove Libertarian Candidate John T. Kennedy from the ballot. It turns out, according to Sigal’s lawsuit, Kennedy doesn’t have a law license in any state, let alone in Nevada, which is a qualification to be the Attorney General of Nevada. Go figure.

But as usual, our Republican in name only, Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, refuses to follow the law and remove Mr. Kennedy from the ballot.

Sigal’s complaint states:

“The Defendant, Secretary of State, failed in her obligations to verify that Defendant Kennedy had in fact met the qualifications of NRS 228.010 to run for office.”

360 News spoke with Mr. Kennedy today in an exclusive interview in which he told us that the SOS staff asked him if he was a lawyer on the day he filed to run for Nevada Attorney General at the Carson City Nevada Secretary of State’s office. He said he wasn’t. And the SOS Staff still allowed him to file to run for NV AG, knowing full well that he was not qualified.

In 2021, the Nevada Legislature changed the law to require anyone who runs must be a licensed lawyer in good standing with the Nevada Bar. According to Kennedy, he was unaware of the new law and the new qualifications were not listed on the SOS’s website.

Mr. Kennedy went on to tell 360 News that he sent an email yesterday asking the Cegavske to remove his name from the November ballot. He is a defendant in the lawsuit and has retained local Las Vegas Lawyer, Nathan Lawrence. The court has yet to set a hearing on the matter.

Cegavske claimed in a letter to Sigal that she could not take Kennedy off the ballot because the issue was not raised prior to April 5, 2022, the cut off date to remove candidates. But according to Kennedy’s statements, they did know he wasn’t qualified and allowed Kennedy to file anyways.

The attached candidate disclosure form does not indicate anywhere that Kennedy is or ever was an attorney.

Aaron Ford did file a lawsuit in his official capacity to remove Stuart Mackie for not being qualified from the Democrat primary ballot but did so too late. Mackie took 8,800 votes from Ford.

Cegasvkye and her apologists like Chuck “You” Muth claim she is just following the law. Her position is, that candidates who perjury themselves on their candidate filing forms must be caught within the 18 days, prior to April 5th, in order to be removed from the ballot or they get away with it. Nonsense, Perjury is a crime with a three-year statute of limitations. Putting aside the criminal charge aspect, according to Cegasvkye, Mr. Kennedy is allowed to remain on the ballot and possibly win even though he is not qualified to hold the office?

The fact is that Cegasvkye had a duty to simply check the State Bar website to confirm that Mr. Kennedy was a lawyer in good standing with the bar. What’s more disturbing is did she over looked his qualification to intentional hurt Sigal’s chance? Libertarians typically take votes away from Republicans. After all her biggest political ally is Michael Roberson leading the Republicans for Aron Ford effort.

Last year, the Nevada GOP voted to censure (R) secretary of state, , over claims that her office failed to do its job.

The deadline for ballots going to the printer is this Monday and the Carson City Court has not scheduled a hearing on the matter yet.

Jim Marchant told 360 News:

“If I’m elected Nevada Secretary of State, I will, to the best of my abilities, check the qualifications of every candidate and when this kind of situation arises, I will take any and all legal action to protect integrity of our elections.”


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