Oct. 27, 2020

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Never before have we seen such polar opposites running for the Nevada Supreme Court as we see with Judge Herndon and Ozzie Fumo. Judge Herndon is endorsed by every major law enforcement group, businesses and 2nd amendment advocates while gun grabber Ozzie Fumo, is a criminal defense lawyer funded by George Soros is endorsed by Harry Reid.

Ozzie Fumo authored the red flag bill in the Nevada legislature last year and supported the extreme gun back ground check law we saw block many folks during the pandemic from accessing lawful firearms.

Judge Herndon has actually been a Judge for the last decade while Ozzie Fumo has been a radical leftist politician for the last decade.

Its telling that Ozzie Fumo has NO endorsements from any major law enforcement groups. The choice has never been more clear, 360 News endorses Judge Douglas Herndon for Nevada Supreme Court.

360 reported this Jan 2020:

Democrat Assemblyman Ozzie Fumo may be best known for representing O.J. Simpson here in Las Vegas as his criminal defense attorney, but he should be known as the one of the architects of the 2019 gun grab laws and the decriminalization movement. The decriminalization movement, using the code name of “Criminal Justice Reform”, pasted laws in 2019, lowering serious crimes from felonies down to misdemeanors such as home burglaries and car break-ins, and ending bail for many serious crimes. Fumo refers to those crimes as “Just low level property crimes”.

Fumo announced he is running for the Nevada Supreme Court seeking to replace outgoing NV Chief Justice Mark Gibbons. Clark County District Court Judge Douglas Herndon has also announced he’s running for the open Supreme Court seat.

Fumo also pushed for the elimination of bail allowing home burglary suspects to be released back onto the streets with zero posted bail. See AB149.

Ozzie Fumo authored Assembly Bill 149 on February 15, 2019 seeking to abolish the Death Penalty in Nevada. The bill died in committee.

Ozzie Fumo is listed as one of the Co-Sponsors of the Gun background check law, AD 143, in addition, Mr. Fumo voted for the Red Flag Law, AB291.

In fact in 2018, Michael Bloomberg’s Gun Grabber group donated $10,000 directly to Assemblyman Fumo (see attached screen shot of NV SOS report)


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