Vegas Councilwoman Michelle Fiore is Officially Running for Governor of Nevada

Vegas Councilwoman Michelle Fiore is Officially Running for Governor of Nevada

Oct. 19, 2021

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Today in front of a crowd of supporters at the Italian American Club, Las Vegas Councilwoman Michelle Fiore officially announced she is running for Governor of Nevada. In her speech before reporters and local leaders, Michele promised on day one if elected she will ban Critical Race Theory and Vaccine and Mask Mandates.

As a political lightning rod, Michele Fiore promises to bring huge national attention to the race. As the only woman running so far on both sides and a solid conservative record, with huge national name ID she will drive the media coverage as her announcement did today. Yesterday, her folks teased her surprise press conference, refusing to say what her big surprise would be today. Her folks refused to give us any clue. Yet every news outlet in Las Vegas was there on pins and needles.

Michele is entering a crowded field which includes, so far, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, Former U.S. Senator from Nevada Dean Heller, Reno Lawyer Joey Gilbert, N. Las Vegas Mayor John Lee and a Tom heck from Gardnerville.

Michele Fiore was just re-elected this last weekend as the Nevada Republican Committee Woman. She has been a State Assemblywoman and Mayor Pro Temp as a Las Vegas City Councilwoman.

Michele’s messaging clearly cuts into Joey Gilbert’s message fighting mask and vaccine mandates. While Joey has a loyal following and strong name ID in Reno and in most of the Rurals, Michele has national name ID among Trump supporters. After Michele’s public efforts supporting the Bundy’s, she raised more than $130,000 for her bid for Congress in 2018 from donors across the country. With resources like that to tap into and national name ID, Michele is a leading contender right out of the gate. People love her or hate her but they all know her.



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