Globalists vs. Nationalists

Britain’s stunning vote to exit the EU was a victory for Nationalists and may signal a tough fight ahead for the Globalists this election year in the US.

Globalist is a term which refers to a small group of elites who are seeking to redistribute the wealth and power of nation states by removing the borders of the world. When they cannot redistribute money from rich countries to poor countries they redistribute poor people to rich countries and give them welfare. This creates voting blocs within those nations for the elected Globalist leaders, undermines the nation state’s culture, heritage and dilutes the power of the nationalist and their voters. The United Nations is just one of the many tools in their tool box but not necessarily the leading source of power in the world for the Globalists. Their power comes from their alliance with corporations and central banks they prop up with crony capital deals, using their global infrastructure as a conduit to spread their power and to influence the outcome of elections, to punish those who oppose them, buy up media properties to control the message and position their allies as national leaders.

The Globalists have methodically moved their people into positions of power throughout the world, including Germany, England, Canada, the US and even removing a Pope from office and replacing him with an open Globalist preaching their vision of the future.

This is not some wing nut theory, but the stated public polices of numerous world leaders openly and aggressively selling their vision of the future. A future with no borders or powerful nation states which they believe will lead to the end of war and poverty as we know it.

Globalists ambushed the world last year flooding Europe and the US with refugees from the Middle East in an effort their redistribute people before upcoming elections. Even after some of those same people engaged in terrorist attacks in the US, France, England and Belgium the Globalists refused to change their policy of redistributing poor people to rich nations.

Nationalists, generally, consist of citizens of powerful nation states determined to protect their labor markets, their borders, their national history, their domestic free markets and their individual freedoms they see threatened by Globalists’ march to build far off unaccountable governing authorities.

Here in the US the battle is no longer between Republicans and Democrats. The Globalists have co-opted the Republican Leadership in Congress and now control the agenda no matter which party governs. The battle in the US is now between the governed and the ruling class bought and paid for by the Globalists. That’s why many Bernie Sanders supporters are also Trump supporters. They both support leaders who will stop redistributing our factories and jobs and start protecting our national interests.

Donald Trump’s rise this year along with Britain’s vote to exit the EU is push back from middle class citizens of powerful nation states determined to hold on to their national identity, control their own futures and maintain borders drawn in the blood of their forefathers. The presidential election this year will put to the test both visions of the future. And if history tells us anything it’s that nationalism always wins.

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