June 1st, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

After talking with lots of political folks this week about the Laxalt v. Brown race, I Googled “Laxalt Sam Brown polls” only to be slapped in the face by this Laxalt Google ad.

 Adam Laxalt, who never got his uniform dirty in Iraq, attacked Wounded Warrior Sam Brown this week in TV, radio and Google ads calling Sam a Liar and a carpet bagger from Texas.

Every veteran should be outraged at Laxalt’s slimy attack. The fact is, U.S. Army Captain Sam Brown was blown up in Afghanistan and flown to the U.S. Army’s burn medical facility in Fort Houston Texas where Sam underwent over 3 years of surgeries and treatments. Sam then moved to Reno to start a business in 2018. While in Reno, Sam worked on the Trump campaign in 2020,

For Laxalt to call Sam Brown a lair and carpet bagger is so over the top and disgusting I feel obligated to weigh in.

Beyond the disgusting attacks Laxalt is waging against Sam Brown, Laxalt’s own RINO political history has directly led Nevada to the brink complete Democrat take over.

Laxalt Facts:

  • 2o14 Laxalt was elected Nevada’s Attorney General when every NV Constitutional office was held by Republicans. When he left office four years later Democrats controlled every constitutional office.
  • 2015, Michael Roberson authored Senate Bill 303, which gave driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. Laxalt fully supported this. As Attorney General he could have filed a lawsuit to stop it. 
  • 2017, as Attorney General he stipulated to a settlement agreement between the ACLU/ Mi Familia and the State of Nevada to allow the NV DMV to process voter registrations for illegal aliens.
  • 2018 Laxalt tapped Michael Roberson to be his Lt. Governor.
  • 2018, Laxalt’s office released a school safety report that recommended funding and passage of Red Flag guns laws in Nevada.
  • 2019, for the last 4 years Laxalt lived in D.C. working for a prestigious law firm yet he refused to lift a finger to help sue Sisolak to stop the new red flag law that passed the Democrat controlled legislature.
  • 2020 Laxalt refused to lift a single finger to help sue to stop Sisolak’s lockdowns.
  • 2021 Laxalt said he will vote for Mitch McConnell for Senate Leader
  • 2022 Laxalt said he would not vote to impeach Biden. Sam Brown pledged to impeach Biden if elected.

We respect President Trump, but frankly he doesn’t know Laxalt like we do. Frankly President Trump should have reached out to more folks he in Nevada before he endorse Laxalt.

Laxalt’s RINO record forces him to now slander a real war hero, Sam Brown. When Laxalt was in a position to help Nevada he failed to act. After he lost to Sisolak in 2018 Laxalt refused to help us. Laxalt had the resources and power to help Nevada and failed time and time again to act. Sam Brown pledged to the People of Nevada that he will vote to impeach Biden. Sam understands what it means to fight and risk your life for something you believe. Laxalt has been a political coward his whole life. The Democrats want to run against Laxalt; that’s why they aren’t hitting him now with TV ads. I have no confidence in Laxalt to do the right thing now or ever. For those reasons and many more I must stand up and endorse Sam Brown for U.S. Senate.




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