June 18, 2016


After significant victories last week in the Republican primary in which numerous phony Republicans were dispatched, Conservatives now turn their sites on the rats that got away.

The total number of votes cast for the Pro Tax Republican Establishment Incumbents was 31,907. The total number of votes against those phonies was 33,003. In several cases even though the incumbent won the election, the majority of Republican primary voters in their districts voted against the Republican rinos, as was the case in David Gardner and James Oscarson’s races.

With that said, it’s time to continue the Great Purge and finish off Stephen Silberkraus, David Gardner, James Oscarson and Derek Armstrong in the fall. The four stooges thought they won last week. But the Conservatives are set to announce the formation of Republicans for Steve Yeager, Dennis Hof, Lesley Cohen and Ozzie Fumo. The group will announce their support for the Democrats in those races and encourage Republican voters to vote the frauds out and preserve the Republican brand.

David Gardner, James Oscarson, Derek Armstrong and Stephen Silberkraus ALL voted for the largest tax increase in history, All supported Common Core, All supported the Governor’s transgender bathroom policy and All supported the Governor’s illegal immigrant policies.

For those who say supporting Democrats over Republicans is blasphemy I say, we would rather have an honest Democrat in office who campaigns for higher taxes and a liberal agenda than a phony Republicans who lie to our faces and then vote like a Democrats. Maintaining a true opposition party is critical to the future of our country.  This is about protecting our voters. This is about defining the Republican brand. This is about playing the long game for keeps. This is about defending our future, our families and our freedom.

Conservatives Claimed the heads of:

  • State Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson
  • Assemblyman Erv Nelson aka Mr. Magoo
  • Assemblyman PK O’Neill
  • Assemblyman Glenn Trowbidge

Conservative Who Won Open Seats

  • Richard MCarthur
  • Christine DeCorte
  • Lisa Krasner
  • Matt Williams

Sandoval Failed to Defeat

  • Brent Jones
  • Victoria Seaman

Rob Lauer, Political Contributor


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