April 21, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Last week, Eldorado High School student, Jonathan Eluterio Martinez Martinez, was charged as an adult, for raping and strangling a teacher. In a Press conference, CCSD Superintendent Jara and President of the Clark County Educator’s Association called on the Governor and Democrats in the State Legislature to officially end Restorative Justice after an Eldorado Teacher was strangled and raped by a student this week.

Sheriff Lombardo, whose department has been front and center arresting numerous CCSD students for committing serious crimes this school year has announced the end of Restorative Justice for juveniles if elected. In 2019 Gov. Sisolak and the Democrat dominated legislature passed AB 168 amending NRS 392.466 which removed mandatory suspensions and expulsions for any pupil who commits a battery which results in the bodily injury of an employee of the school or who sells or distributes any controlled substance while on the premises of any public school.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo said he will repeal AB 168 if elected.

“Repealing the changes to NRS 392.466 is a critical first step in securing our schools, but after those changes are repealed, extensive work remains in reforming school safety measures to keep students, staff, and faculty safe. 

“As the Nevada State Legislature takes the next steps to address school safety, legislators must revisit restorative justice measures and evaluate their success in deterring behavioral issues in our school systems to date. Upon review, legislators must diligently work to address the identified issues within the existing legislation and consult with law enforcement for guidance on critical school safety issues.

“Most importantly, I’m calling on the Legislature to enact more severe penalties for anyone – parents, students, teachers, and staff included – who commits a violent act on school grounds. Our state must maintain a culture that has zero-tolerance for school violence, so that we keep all individuals safe at school. 

“Families already have enough to worry about – they shouldn’t be afraid every morning when their kids leave for school. Parents deserve to know that their children will return home safely from school each day, and teachers deserve to feel safe and secure in their own classroom.”

Joey Gilbert held a press conference after the Eldorado High School crime and said

“Not just Las Vegas Residents, but the entire state is at the breaking point regarding our state’s complete inability to provide safe and academically effective schools for our kids.

My first action upon being sworn into office this January is to declare a state of emergency regarding our entire public school system to allow me as Governor to assume full control over it. I have a proven plan that will within weeks start to fix all the school problems I have shared.”  


Candidate Ken “KC” Freels, who is running in District G told 360 News

“CCSD is in crisis. Kids need discipline, rules and accountability. Trustee Linda P. Cavazos’ polices of going easy on violent offenders who are African American is the real racism. Real racism that fails to protect all of our kids. I know firsthand the pain our kids suffer at the hands of Linda’s failed policy. My Parents Bill of Rights will require our schools to alert parents when any violence occurs on campus and not hide it like they do now. That’s why I am running. When I’m elected we won’t tolerate violence on our campuses. We will protect our kids, our teachers and our staff. We will fully fund our school police and provide them with the best training and equipment they need. I look forward to working with the next governor to fix our schools including both public safety and performance.” 

Jara also announced that CCSD will start installing call emergency buttons for staff to alert school police and better cameras systems across all the schools. Jara also announced a new zero tolerance program for any student who assaults staff and or teachers, sells drugs on campus and fights. The zero tolerance policy would result in expulsion from public schools.

Parents and teachers have been extremely critical of the far left polices called Restorative Justice put in place by Democrats in Nevada.

This is CCSD Trustee Board President Irene Cepeda explaining the failed policies 4 years ago in this video that resulted in the surge in on campus violence, including 177 sexual assaults this school year alone. Democrat Socialist Clark County School Trustee Irene Cepeda opposes removing violent black youths from Clark County school campuses because they may become future criminals. Not once did Irene mention other kids victimized by violence.

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