February 18, 2018

Progressives have removed any trace of faith from our schools, destroyed the American Family and pumped our boys full of psychotropic drugs and failed to take even the most basic steps to protect them at schools. Instead, they use these tragedies to strip law-abiding Americans of their gun ownership rights. The mainstream media attacks anyone who dares mention traditional values while glorifying the mass shooters by blasting their names and pictures across every screen in America for weeks, rewarding the mass murders and encouraging more.

When one looks objectively at the historical data, it’s easy to see that guns are not the problem today, it’s something far deeper. We have broken children, raised in broken homes and warehoused in broken anti-religious schools. Progressive public schools are not just non-religious, they are anti-religious; openly hostile to people of faith. The chart clearly shows that as faith-based education has receded and progressivism has taken hold mass shootings have skyrocketed. Gun ownership in America hasn’t changed in 241 years.

Progressive public schools teach our thirteen-year-old girls they have an absolute right to have an abortion without their oppressive parents even being informed. But that thirteen-year-old girl better not mention the Bible in school or else.

The progressives fight vouchers and school choice in an effort to trap kids in their failed, Godless institutions. So even those parents who want to send their kids to private Christian schools so their kids can build a relationship with God, are blocked by progressives from leaving their pro-transgender, anti-boy, soulless institutions that fail to teach our kids to read and write.

The shooting in Florida should be a wake-up call for school choice, if not a complete overhaul of our schools. We fail to fill our children’s hearts with the love of the lord and instead fill their hearts with progressivism as their new religion. How is that working out?

Rob Lauer

Political Reporter

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