Nov. 2, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Nevada Democrat U.S. Senator Catherine Cortes Masto’s folks are running millions of dollars’ worth of fraudulent and misleading TV ads claiming Adam Laxalt is responsible for high gas prices because he owns big oil stocks. Coretez-Masto’s TV ads are fraudulent and misleading because Adam Laxalt has never cast a single vote in the U.S. Senate. Unlike Cortez-Masto, who just voted for the Green New Deal, which will raise gas taxes, cut oil supply, and force you to buy electric cars.

LCV Victory Fund launched a new $1.5 million TV ad today in opposition to Nevada Senate candidate Adam Laxalt. The fraudulent and misleading ads feature Ron, a Nevada business owner struggling with the impact of high gas prices, who is frustrated with Laxalt’s connection to Big Oil.

WATCH: “Profits in the Tank”

The TV ad, aimed at Clark County Public School graduates, try to blame Laxalt for high gas prices at the pump.

“While oil and gas corporations are raking in record-breaking profits, hardworking Nevadans are shouldering the consequences of dirty fossil fuel pollution,” said Paul Selberg, Executive Director for Nevada Conservation League. “Rather than having Nevadans’ backs, Adam Laxalt is in the pocket of big oil. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is fighting for clean energy jobs, conservation of our public lands, and continuing the fight against the climate crisis. She’s delivering real results because she works for our state, not Adam Laxalt’s big oil donors.”

According to the TV ad, Laxalt has about $7,500 total invested in two oil companies. According to Coretez-Masto’s U.S. Senate 2021  disclosure form she owns between $100k and $250k of Mobile Exon stock through Vanguard Institute Fund. Coretez-Masto owns between $50k and $100k of the Vanguard Extended Market ETF fund, whose major holdings include a $9.3 billion company, Cheniere Energy, Inc., a liquefied natural gas company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Coretez-Masto has between $15k and $50k in Vanguard Mid-Cap Growth Index Fd Admiral. Their major stock holdings include, again, natural gas giant Cheniere and oil and gas giant Devon Energy Corp.

For Coretez-Masto who owns 50 times more big oil stocks, to blame Laxalt for high prices at the pump is gutter politics from a desperate career politician who won’t take responsibility for her party’s concerted effort to intentionally raise gas prices to force folks to buying electric cars. That’s the truth she cannot say out loud.


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