April 1, 2023

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

A video has emerged online of a violent assault on a seemingly innocent girl at Fernley High School that looks like a scene from a prison yard instead of a Nevada high school. Clearly, the voice of the girl filming indicates this was a planned assault. But what’s more shocking is the response from school administrators to the mother of the victim, Abby Whitney.

Abby posted about how the public school administration, led by Paul Sullivan, tried to hide the assault and protect the thug who attacked her daughter. We called Mr. Sullivan to ask for a comment, and so far we have not heard anything back from him.

“My daughter was mauled at school yesterday and both her father and I were not notified by the school. The attacker’s parents were notified. I had to call the school with the run around to get answers. Mr Sullivan of Fernley High threatened to hang up on me for interrupting him as an irate parent.”

According to Abby, cops refused to arrest the girl on assault charges after she filed a police report.

The girl who brutally attacked her daughter was suspended for just five days from school, no word if anything happened to the girl who videotaped the attack.

That event prompted Abby to lobby state legislators this week to support Gov. Lombardo’s bill AB330, The Safer and Supportive Schools Act.

When Sisolak passed NRS 392.466, protecting violent predators in school was their priority under the policy of restorative justice.

Lombardo made it clear that his policy will be “zero tolerance for school violence”.

AB330 States replace restorative justice with restorative discipline.

AN ACT relating to education; requiring a suspension or expulsion in a charter school or a university school for profoundly gifted pupils to be consistent with such punishments in certain public schools; requiring a plan for restorative discipline for public schools.

IF victim defended herself she too would have been suspended.

Under Gov. Lombardo’s bill, the predator could be expelled and forced to attend another school. That would be the appropriate punishment for a premeditated assault. 


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