Aug 11, 2021

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Over 1.1 million illegal aliens have been allowed into the U.S. on the southern border by the Biden Administration without any CV19 restrictions. 360 news reported over 8K illegal migrants were dumped in Las Vegas so far this year. The Biden administration has intentionally violated American sovereignty as official policy. In doing so, Biden has committed possibly 1.1 million federal immigration crimes. The Biden Administration has been caught using the U.S. military to unlawfully transport illegal aliens with CV19 from the border to cities across America, often without local authorities knowledge.

Then last week, Biden continued his lawlessness signing an Executive Order extending the eviction moratorium even after admitting it was unconstitutional based on a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

Its obvious to everyone, Biden is mentally deteriorating and not capable of functioning as President. Several local Republican congressional candidates have come out on the record supporting impeaching the Biden Administration. Keep in mind, Dems only hold a 5 seat majority in the House and 1 seat majority in the Senate.

CD#4 Congressional Candidate (R) Carolina Serrano gave 360 the following statement:

What is happening at our border is criminal. Joe Biden is allowing our sovereignty as a nation to be stripped away by allowing a free flow of one million illegal aliens in just this year alone into our country. Biden doesn’t care about immigrants any more than he does American citizens. The administration’s policies are dehumanizing for everyone involved. This is about profit and power. If that doesn’t rise to the level of impeachment-I don’t know what does


CD#4 Congressional Candidate (R) Sam Peters: 
The CDC and Biden committed the following crimes this week:
-Contempt of SCOTUS
-Theft of personal property (property owners)
-Violation of the 3rd Amendment (Unlawful Quartering)
It’s time to #impeachBiden and take back our country.

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