April 10, 2019

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Carson City, Nevada, Democrats are furious that as many as 15 Nevada County Sheriffs have said, openly, they refuse to enforce gun control laws passed by the Nevada Legislature this session. The Democrats passed SB143, the background check law, and are preparing to pass RED FLAG LAWS, both of which would go into effect after the January 1, 2020. So until the laws actually go into effect and until the laws are litigated in the courts the Democrats can’t do much, except they have.

The Nevada Democrats are preparing to pass laws to make it easier to impeach an elected county Sheriff.  Democrat Assembly Majority Leader Teresa Benitez-Thompson introduced AB397 which would allow government officials to be impeached for sexual harassment and hold them personally liable for any lawsuits that may result.

If AB397 passes, it would empower the Nevada Equal Rights Commission to investigate elected officials like County Sheriffs and refer them to the State Assembly for impeachment or to a local county grand jury. The bill goes one step further and would allow any civil lawsuit brought against the government for the sexual harassment to also be brought against the public official personally. The Democrat lawmakers excluded themselves in the Nevada legislature from the law including shielding them from any personal financial liable.

AB397 is Dems’ response to 2nd Amendment Sheriffs declaring their counties 2A sanctuaries and is a stark warning to any sheriff who refuses to follow their agenda. “When” AB397 passes, Dems will have their weaponized law because it will be Democrat Governor Sisolak who appoints the Commissioners who can hear secret testimony, in secret grand jury proceedings, from anonymous accusers and remove an elected Sheriff from office.


3.  Any damages assessed against an elected official or a district, county, township or municipal officer pursuant to this chapter must be assessed against such   
      official or officer in his or her personal capacity, and may not be paid with public money or contributions received pursuant to chapter 294A of NRS.
4.  As used in this section: 
           (a) “District, county, township or municipal officer” does not include:
                (1) A justice or judge of the court system; and
                (2) A State Legislator removable from office only through expulsion by the State Legislator’s own House pursuant to Section 6 of Article 4 of the Nevada Constitution.

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