May 13, 2024

It turns out Joe Biden is not the financial draw Dems thought he was. Joe Biden is down by double digits in Nevada polls, and inflation is up by double digits from 2020. Nevada Dems are starting to panic. In a recent fundraising email, the Nevada Dems they are begging donors to step up and save them from disaster.

According to 2020 C&E reports, at this time in the race, the NV Dems had raised $409,642.40. This presidential election cycle, they’ve only raised $61,470.59. At this same time in the cycle in 2020, the NV Dems had over $1 million in cash on hand, while today they have only $150K cash on hand.

Wealthy Dems have left the NV Democratic Party in droves as the party has gone further to the left. And now that Joe Biden has abandoned Israel in the middle of a life-or-death war, wealthy Jews have had enough and pulled their support. Dems’ open support for the squad’s anti-semites has hurt the party here in Nevada and across the country.

NV DEM Fundraising Email Blas


Hey there,

I took a quick peek at our ActBlue page and frankly, I’m worried.

Our digital fundraising has slowed down in April and it cannot come at a worse time. Cook Political Report recently downgraded Senator Jacky Rosen’s race from Lean Democratic 🔵 to Toss up ❓. If we lose this seat then we lose our majority hold in the Senate.

MAGA Republicans are coming out of the woodwork and ramping up their efforts to flip the Senate. Nevada is home to one of the most expensive Senate races in the entire country this cycle.

We need the resources to fight back against the next big wave of the GOP’s attacks and we rely on grassroots donations from supporters like you, friend.

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