February 27, 2019

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

After the Democrat controlled Nevada Legislature passed gungrab bill SB143 this month and is now considering a host of gun control laws including Red Flag and Rifle bans, numerous counties are now seriously considering passing resolutions creating 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries. Nye, Lincoln and now Douglas County are just the beginning according to many Republicans fed up with seeing their rights threatened. Douglas Commissioner Dave Nelson and Republican Minority Leader Assemblyman Jim Wheeler led a town-hall meeting last night to discuss protecting 2A rights.

Read the purposed Resolution here: http://gunrightsnevada.com/2nd-a-sanctuary-resolution/

In addition, to a recent gungrab lawsuit launched by a Veterans group which is inviting average citizens to join the lawsuit at http://gunrightsnevada.com/contact/   to sue to block SB143 which goes into effect after November 22, 2019, now county commissioners are moving to cut off any county funds to law enforcement, jails, courts etc to enforce what they call “unconstitutional gun laws”.

Join the gungrab lawsuit at: http://gunrightsnevada.com/contact/   

15 out of the 17 counties in Nevada have expressed an interest and are exploring the idea. Clark and Washoe are the only counties not expected to support the resolution.

After liberals carved out Sanctuaries for illegal aliens in California refusing to spend their local resources enforcing immigration laws, conservatives are now refusing to spend local resources to enforce gungrab laws. The difference is, liberals are protecting illegal aliens while conservatives are protecting established constitutional rights.

Second Amendment meeting at Hamdogs in Douglas County. photo credit- Assemblyman Jim Wheeler

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