February 19, 2017


Yesterday at the Veterans in Politics endorsement interviews, all the Democrats running for city council in Boulder City, Henderson, North Las Vegas and the city of Las Vegas openly refused to give veterans a break when they start a business. When asked if they would be willing to a waive the first year’s business license fees for Veterans who want to open a new business in their city they ALL refused to say yes.

Currently if you want to open a new business here in Clark County, for example a plumbing business, you need a occupational license, a State Business licence, a licence from Clark County and a license from each city your purposed plumbing business will serve in the valley, adding up to over $3,000 before you can open your doors and make a single dollar. For many people who dream of starting a business, the time and money it takes to start a new buiness is prohibitive. And most businesses fail within the 1st twelve months. However, according to the US labor Department, 80% of all new jobs are created by new and small businesses in America.

And navigating the business license process is not easy. Each city has its own requirements, many of which they just make up and there’s more paperwork each year in which to navigate to start a new business. The city of Las Vegas alone, has over 250 business license categories in which to navigate. The questionnaires demand you disclose all your financial informaiton and a host of other personal information. If you elect to start a home based business selling widgets on Ebay, the city demands to inspect your home.

If your choice of business to start requires a special use permit, such as a gym, you will need to secure a physical location for at least the 3 to 4 months while you obtain the special use permit. Meaning a landlord must be willing to work with you and hold the building space. Then you need to hire a land use lawyer to help file the paperwork and appear for you at the hearing, pay the fees for the special use permit, wait 4 to 8 weeks for a hearing on the special use permit. Then hope they don’t continue your application for another 4 to 8 weeks for minor issues. Also hope none of the people sitting on the special use permit board have a brother in law who own a similar business you might be competing against.

All the special use permits and business licenses don’t protect the public as Democrats claim, they protect the power of Democrats who sell, thru campaign donations, barriers to competition protecting their cronies, while keeping Veterans and minorities impoverished and dependent.

Most people who start businesses, do not complain, they just go along and hope the government bureaucrats “LET” them open their business without too much time or expensive delays. And that has opened the door to an abusive system that violates privacy rights and our fundamental right to open and operate a business in order to earn a living to support our families.

Veterans need the break when opening businesses because they spend so much time away from the job market serving overseas in jobs like door gunner that don’t have a private sector application. So often Veterans need alternative ways to earn a living when they get out of the military. Our states and city governments seem to have endless cash for refugees and for food stamps and for welfare benefits for immigrants. Is it to much to ask that they waive fees for our Veterans to simple start businesses that will create jobs?

The fundamental rights Veterans fought and died for in the last century against communists, was the right to follow your dreams by starting a business and to keep the fruits of your labor. That’s why Veterans need to get involved and vote. Vote against Democrats until they care about us as much as they seem to care about funding refugees from muslim countries where we fought and bled in.

Rob Lauer

Political Reporter


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